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Can Pizza Actually Be Healthy For You?

Can Pizza Actually Be Healthy For You?

This article may come as a surprise to you, especially if you
follow a healthy and nutritious diet…

It’s about pizza, the weakness of many people including me. I
love pizza- always have. I make sure I eat it in moderation, but
it’s still one of my favorite foods.

Now there’s good news for .

According to Men’s , research concludes that
pizza can be good for you. It’s important to point out, however,
that we’re talking about - not the kind you get from
, Dominoes or the of your
supermarket. By real, I mean pizza made with real crust, real
tomato sauce and .

According to Men’s Health, scientists writing in the European
Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating pizza can reduce
your risk of a heart attack. In a 4-year study of nearly 1,000
Italians, those who ate pizza at least once a week were 30
percent less likely to experience a heart attack than the folks
who didn’t partake of the pie.

This is contributed to pizza’s cardio protective ingredients,
including olive oil and tomato sauce. And here’s a way to make
the pizza even healthier: top it with vegetables, part-skim
cheese and use whole wheat crust. You’ll then have a meal that
is actually good for you.

Can you get this kind of a pizza in a pizzeria? You might be
able to find some that offer whole wheat crust, but I doubt
you’ll find any that offer part-skim cheese. What you can do is
buy the ingredients at your and make the
pizza yourself. Speaking from experience, this can be a fun

Enjoy the experience of making your and savoring a
nutritious meal. After all, feeding your body with nutritious
meals is the number one thing you can do for better health.

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