The Importance of Healthy Dog Treats

The Importance of Healthy Dog Treats

It wasnt so many years ago when dog treats consisted more or less solely of milk bones, fatty biscuits, and table scraps. Not many options, and virtually none that were healthy. Well, times have definitely changed! Nowadays, savvy pet owners choose dog treats that include greenies, , and gourmet bones.

Not only are there more options for now, the quality has improved significantly in recent years as well. And with the , finding the best biscuits and bones for your puppy is as easy and tapping a few .

Its important to note that many pet owners are now advocates of healthier dog treats for monetary reasons as well. They realize that, while they tend to cost more, healthy treats and food actually save money in the long run. A healthier diet over a lifetime results in and illness in senior , which means a smaller vet bill.

Its never too early to start feeding healthy dog treats. Puppy training often includes using a treat to reward good behavior. In one session alone, you might give your little trainee 6-10 , maybe even more. Make them healthy biscuits, cookies, or bones, and youll be giving your pet a nutritious foundation for a better life.

Experiment with several different kinds of dog treats and youll quickly learn which are your puppys favorites. Unlike humans when we diet, dogs seem to enjoy the healthier biscuits and bones every bit as much as the bad ones. If only we were so lucky!

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