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5 Great Tips On Losing Weight

Everyone you talk to seems to have of tips on . Some are good tips, but some seem to come out of left field. Even people who cant seem to successfully and keep it off, seem happy to offer up tips and advice to other people. Thats a pretty good indication that many of us know the best advice and tips on , but we just dont follow them very well. Here are some tips which, if you use them in your daily journey toward , can help you.

Use smaller plates. This is one of those tips on losing weight that often makes people roll their eyes. It has nothing to do with eating or , but it really does trick your mind into thinking youre eating more food. A smaller plate will look fuller than a large plate if they have the same amount of food on them. You might even naturally put on the smaller plate, to keep it from looking so loaded down. Its a mental trick, but you should try it because it works for many people.

Eat slowly. This is one of the oldest and most popular tips on losing weight. Have you ever watched a speed-eating contest? Imagine someone eating the same amount of food as the winner, but imagine them eating it slowly. The champion may have scarfed down 20 pies in very little time. Could you actually sit down with a fork and slowly eat 20 pies? Its not likely.

The speed eater ate so fast, his body didnt even have time to scream, STOP, IM FULL! And if it had, he was only focused on putting more and more food in, just as we are when were starving and we gulp down our food. Eat slowly and youll reach a pleasant feeling of fullness rather than the one that means youve eaten too much too fast.

Watch your . If is your favorite, you might start out with 2 or on your plate. Try grabbing one small piece instead, and filling up on salad or to replace those missing pieces of chicken. Try to keep a portion of food about the size of your fist. Those mashed potatoes that you dont want to give up? Still eat them, but stop after one small portion, instead of piling a mountain on your plate.

Dont clear your plate. Of all the tips on losing weight, this one is often the hardest. As children we were taught not to turn down food because other people were starving. We might have even gotten punished for wasting food and forced to eat it.

Youre not starving, and you cant send that food to those who are, so do yourself a favor and dont eat it. To avoid the guilt of wasting food, use another one of the good tips on losing weight and simply start out with less food on your plate next time.

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  1. Paul Says:

    Eat 2 meals in the morning and noon and fruits at night will be sufficient to reduce a couple of kilos. 😀

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