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The Secret To The South Beach Diet Phase One

Perhaps the hottest new trend in the health industry market these days is the phase one. You might have heard about this diet recently and thought that it was just another that didnt work. The fat of the matter is that this diet has proven to be working wonders for many people. The special thing about this diet is that it doesnt focus on getting you to lose weight specifically.

What it does is change the of your diet in a way that makes you comfortable with and reduces your dependency on unhealthy, that are bad for you. Rather simple concept, isnt it? The good news is that this diet has proven to be quite effective. The diet itself actually consist of three phases, the most important of the three however is the . The following tutorial will show you exactly how the can help you to change your diet for the better, forever.

The first thing that you need to know about the south beach diet phase one is the foods that you can and cannot consume. Firstly, the foods that you should stay away from during the first phase consists of rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, fruit, candy, ice cream, cookies, and sugar. You should also stay away from all beer and during the south beach diet phase one. The foods that you will be consuming include, beef, chicken, turkey, fish, shellfish, cheese, eggs, nuts, and vegetables. Along with these foods you can also consume ; however you must only use 100% olive oil for dressing. These foods will become your diet for three meals a day for two weeks. Aside from the three meals a day you will also eat a snack in between each meal as well as dessert after dinner.

The south beach diet phase one is where you will begin to teach your body what foods to crave. Most people that have completed phase one have reported a in the that they have for sugary foods and other guilty pleasures that they cut out during phase one. This is the key to the success of the diet. It allows you to maintain the great you developed during the first phase as well as build self control for when you eventually re-introduce the foods you cut out in a later phase.

A lot of people have been asking about the secret to the south beat diet phase one, now you know that there is no secret. With just a combination of great eating habits and self control, you can train yourself to enjoy eating healthy and to stop giving into temptation for those guilty pleasure foods. This is continuing to make this diet extremely popular among everybody that has been searching for a way to eat healthier foods but not deprive themselves of ones they enjoy.

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