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LapBand Surgery: How to Reduce the Risk of Complications

LapBand Surgery: How to Reduce the Risk of Complications

Have you received the approval to undergo LapBand surgery? If so, you are well on your way to having a lighter and healthier body. At first, you will be excited about your upcoming weight loss surgery. At some point in time, you may experience nervousness. The LapBand is considered a safe procedure, but always involves risks. These risks, no matter how small, may cause you some concern.

So, what should you do? Take steps to minimize your risk of LapBand complications. As for how you can do so:

Most importantly, listen to your primary care physician and LapBand surgeon. Most patients mistakenly believe their begins at their surgery date and time. Yes, technically it does, but a lot of preparation is needed for the LapBand system. restrictions are necessary to prepare the body for in the two to three weeks prior. For that reason, follow all professional advice given.

As previously stated, restriction is necessary in the weeks leading up to surgery. Physicians will provide patients with a list of pre-approved foods. Despite the possibility of small variances, you should be able to eat lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. Protein supplements will be added. These diet restrictions are necessary to reduce complications. They allow for the reduction in fat around the stomach, making easier and safer.

Also at the advice of a LapBand surgeon, patients are asked not to eat or drink after the midnight before their surgery. This is important advice to follow. Not only may you face complications, your doctor may refuse to perform the surgery!

Post surgery, patients have multiple follow-up appointments with their surgeons. At these follow-up appointments or at anytime following surgery, voice concerns. This includes pain and discomfort. Yes, pain and discomfort is a small side effect of surgery, but still mention it. You never know if complications have started or may later arise.

In the 24 hours following the LapBand procedure, patients start moving. By discharge time, patients should be able to walk, get up and down. With that said, it may be uncomfortable and slightly painful to move too much. For that reason, prepare your home for your arrival in advance. It reduces post- LapBand complications by ensuring you have time to fully recover. Stock up on post-surgery liquids, clean your house, and so forth.

Start with a clear liquid diet. This is advised immediately following surgery. A clear liquid may include chicken broth, sugar free gelatin, and diluted apple juice. Your surgeon will provide you with a list of approved foods. To reduce complications, slip your drinks slowly. After approval, the next stages include full liquids, pureed foods, soft foods, and full solids. This process can take between one and two months. Always eat slowly, check food thoroughly, and stop eating when full.

Do not return to work without doctor approval. If you work in an office environment and perform easy tasks, such as typing, you are likely to return to work in one week. If is required, such as in the retail or construction industry, extended recovery is recommended.

Finally, attend all follow-up appointments. Unfortunately, many individuals believe they are in the clear if they dont experience LapBand complications right away, but this is not true. Band slippage, stomach erosion, acid reflux, and regurgitation can occur days, weeks, months, or even years after surgery. These all signal complications, which when known can easily be treated with a band adjustment.


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