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Green teas been around for quite some time now for, say, a couple of thousand years in mankinds history? Its the Japanese nowadays who are particularly keen on enjoying their green tea: their entire green tea market is barely enough to supply the massive local demand.

Theres no denying the fact that green tea is healthy. From lowering levels to blocking cancer, numerous have come up with a ton of healthy benefits for green tea.

There are at least three ways you can avail of the healthy : through green tea leaves, green tea powders and green tea :

Three Ways to Take Green Tea

Green tea leaves take a bunch of green tea leaves or stems, steep them in water, take out the solid matter and drink the stuff thats . There are a couple of , like chopping up the leaves or using certain parts of the , but this is the traditional and most common way of drinking tea.

Now even though the tea is steeped and the leaves and stems are discarded, the health benefits of steeped green tea are still greatly observable. Thats because the scientific studies previously mentioned were all conducted using steeped green tea leaves. Now imagine what would happen if you could drink a purer form of tea, with all the solid matter included?

Green tea powder thats where green tea powder, or , comes in. is finely ground green tea, and is the highest quality (and most expensive) green tea you can get your hands on. And since all the green tea parts get crushed up and tossed into the drink, you can expect to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to the health benefits.

Now before anything else, you have to discriminate between and processed green tea powder. The latter is definitely not as healthy as the former. Anything thats processed, like powder , go through a ton of chemicals and preservatives. All this stuff definitely doesnt help add up to the overall health benefits of green tea.

Green tea pills now this is where things get a little technical. Green tea pills claim to scrunch up all the healthy goodness that green tea has to offer into one, tiny package. No need for a lengthy drinking ceremony or meticulous preparation procedures. All you need is your mouth and a pill.

However, make sure that your source of green tea pills is reliable if you plan to take them as . When it comes to , there are always those who make a living off duping people into buying fake stuff. So watch out, and stick with reliable sources.

Just remember: whether you choose to drink green tea the old fashioned way or pop in a couple of green tea pills for a quick fix, green tea alone will only get you so far. It will be your lifestyle that ultimately determines whether youll live healthy or not. Just keep that in mind as you sip a cup of tea.

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