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Whats Inside Your Cup Of Tea The Benefits Of Tea

Whats Inside Your Cup Of Tea The Benefits Of Tea

For the past years, much has been revealed about the benefits of tea. It is branded as a wonder drug by many and whether it is true or not is still a controversy in the health industry. Though going back to ancient times, tea has already been used by many countries especially in Japan, China, England, and India to name a few.

The buzz about the benefits of tea is becoming more and more complex that it can no longer be ignored. Testimonies after testimonies of people who are discovering the health effects of tea can no longer be put to silence. Well, no one can actually deny the fact that countries who consume tea the most also have the most number of people who live the longest life.

Benefits of Tea in Aging

Tea is known to be rich in antioxidants which are generally known to combat the appearance of wrinkles, age spots, and other signs of ageing. Experiment carried out shows that mice fed with tea display lesser signs of ageing than those which are just fed with water.

Benefits of Tea in Bone Strength

Tea flavonoids can help strengthen the . People who regularly drink green, black, oolong tea have higher bone mineral densities compared to those who are not tea drinkers.

Benefits of Tea in Cancer Prevention

Tea is now known to be one of the best cancer fighting drinks in the world. and green tea top the list of which are beneficial to cancer prevention. The compounds found in teas are reported to help keep cells from turning malignant. Simply put, people who drink tea get lesser chances of getting cancer.

Benefits of Tea in

levels can be lowered down by tea. In one research where patients are asked to eat healthy meals and drink five cups of tea, levels of bad cholesterol dropped up to ten percent.

Benefits of Tea in Weight Loss

More people are looking for a cheaper and easier way to lose weight. Tea has made its way to the spotlight when research shows that it can increase metabolism hence reduces the chances of one gaining weight. Tea is also known to accelerate the burning of calories which includes fat calories. Aside from its weight loss benefits, tea diets encourage a dieter to exercise and eat well.

Benefits of Tea to the Heart

Tea drinkers have lower blood pressure, , and lesser chances of suffering from heart disease. Black tea is highly recommended to lower bad cholesterol.

Tea is one of the most consumed drinks in the whole world. Its benefits are many and differ from person to person and from tea to tea. Teas polyphenols are known to combat many health ailments including cancer, blood clotting, high cholesterol level, allergies, and many more. Choose the best tea for your diet and reap the benefits of a healthy drink. Dont forget to consult your doctor for advice on which one is right for you!

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