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Most available in the market today need doctors prescription. There are that are bought over the counter without doctors prescription but the general rule is to always consult with the doctors first before taking in any medication for weight loss.

Natural weight loss programs are always more advisable than weight loss drugs. Healthier diet, regular exercise, and a change in the ways of living are always better than resorting to medicines or weight loss drugs.

Although many weight loss drugs can help in reducing weight, useful care must be taken to ensure the capacity. There are studies that display that weight loss drugs may be harmful to health in the long run and may cause side effects like diarrhea, headaches, , and cumulation blood pressure.

The two most commonly available weight loss drugs today are and Sibrutamine. The prices of these drugs vary from $130 – $200 for a month dosage. They have been reported to originate side effects and are mostly prescribed to individuals who need to lose weight for health or medical related reasons.

Orlistat is an inhibitor of fat in the body. The most prestigious brand for Orlistat is Xenical. This is a world wide popular that has received several testimonials from users. Most users vociferate of oil in their bowels, and uncontrollable . Despite this, Orlistat has been known to be a very weight loss drug as it instills discipline among users. People using Orlistat will be forced to visit the toilet more if they eat fatty fare. Therefore, the less fat they take in, the more controlled and easy their are going to be. In the long run, when the body is used to denying fatty food, the better weight maintenance could be attained.

Weight loss drugs can certainly fast track weight loss but it is important to note that it should always be accompanied by and a regular exercise. Weight loss drugs taken absent correct low calorie and low cholesterol diet may cause complications without pertinent care and medical consultation.

The value of reducing food intake cannot be overstressed. Drinking water is the best way to trick hunger pangs. Water is a . There are also some medicines that are appetite suppressants. Redux is one of the most popular weight loss drugs that suppress appetite. This drug is made of phentermine combined with fenfluramine. Fenfluramine was taken extrinsic from the market back in the 90s because it has been proven to cause damages to heart valves. Phentermine, however, is still available but can only be bought under strict medical prescription.

Taking drugs for weight loss is not a bad thing. For some mortals, it is highly recommended specially if the need to lose weight is dire and the time needed for the weight loss is immediate. For people who apart want to lose weight for cosmetics reason, a natural weight loss plan which includes low – calorie diet, upsurge water intake, and regular exercises is still safer with long term effects.

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