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Lose Weight Running – Tips For Running Safely

Lose weight running, sounds easy enough; right? The reason is because it is; running is one of the , its fun and its easy. Not to mention it can be very inexpensive. Some shorts, a shirt and some . (The shirt is optional.. depending on who you are)

The most expensive part of running is the shoes. However, the shoes may be one of the most important parts of running. You dont want to get a pair of shoes where after running your toes look like they have been hit by a hammer. (Hence the name hammer toes)

I promise you, if you put in an extra few bucks when buying your . Not only will you feel better after the run, your toes will you for it and your feet will you for it.

The biggest reason why you want good running shoes is that there are certain types of shoes that have support. The types of support that will not give you during running or after running. You want to make sure you stay away from . It all can be avoided with good running shoes.

Next you want to pick a place where you can have enough to run. Also this place needs to be a place where you can be safe and others that are around you can be safe as well.

Now that you have all that figured out, you need to have a system put in place of how you are going to run. You didnt think you where just going to go out there and start flinging you and running like a crazed chicken did you ?

Get a plan where you know you are going to run and how long you are going to run it. Now if you are just starting out, then you may want to take it easy when taking your first few jogs. You dont want to get burnt out on it when you just started.

So make sure you start at a that is good for you, also a big thing you need to do is stretch. Stretch for at least 20 minutes before you start you jog. Trust me; you will be glad you did during and after your run.

Now along with , you will need to have the right kind of diet to go along with it. Eating right has a big part of , and with the combination of the two, the pounds will come off in no time.

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