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Weight Loss Exercise Program – Dont Shortchange Yourself

When it comes to finding the right program many people make one huge . They think solely in terms of doing and either don’t do enough weight training, or worse, don’t do any weight training at all.

Some people mistakenly think that they want to burn the fat and the only way to do that is to do tons of cardio. And of course, you do need a full cardio workout in your overall , but if you neglect the weight training aspect of your you will really be shortchanging yourself and your overall .

A lot of women also make the mistake of thinking that they can only lift very and / or only do a few repetitions of each exercise or they will get bulky. They are so afraid of getting big that they neglect this extremely important aspect of working out.

Let’s set the record straight, while it’s true that women have both estrogen and in their bodies naturally, the levels of are only about one seventh of what men have. For a woman to “accidentally” get bulky just by lifting weights would be impossible. The you see don’t get that way on accident, they work hard at it and treat is like what it is… a .

So, make sure you lift weights as part of your routine. The more you have the more calories your body will burn all day every day, no matter what you are doing. That is a great side effect. Having nice muscle tone will also make you look trimmer and slimmer, no matter what your weight is.

So you will look thinner at 125 lbs if you have a lot of toned muscle than you would if you didn’t have good muscle tone. When first starting out (after you get your doctors ok) find someone to teach you how to use the proper form, then start with a weight that makes it challenging to finish a full set, one set is between 8 – 12 individual repetitions of the exercise.

The general rule of thumb is that you should be able to finish the set, but just barely. That is how you know that you are using the proper amount of weight. Once you can easily do all reps of one exercise at a certain weight, move up to a higher weight. At first you may not be able to do a whole set at the higher weight, that’s ok. Just do what you can and build on that.

Make each repetition slow and controlled and don’t forget to use proper breathing techniques. If you have never done this before you really should have someone show you the proper techniques in order to avoid injuries.

To get the most out of all your weight loss exercise plans, make sure that you eat right, get plenty of water and rest and incorporate a full weight training routine. You won’t get bulky but you will burn more calories and that may just make you hot.

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