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Traveling to Mexico for LapBand Surgery

Are you not just overweight, but severely or morbidly obese? If so, you may want to seek help. After all, if you continue to carry around excess weight, your risk of early death and other health complications increase. Most individuals in your shoes turn to the LapBand surgery. If you opt for the same, the cost may shock you.

In the United States, the LapBand surgery averages between $15,000 and $20,000. At this point in time, many opt to forgo surgery altogether. Many others look for cheaper alternatives. Yes, it is possible to find surgeons in the United States who have cheaper rates, but many find the best luck with traveling to another country. For example, in Mexico, the LapBand procedure averages between $8,000 and $10,000.

So, should you travel to Mexico to undergo LapBand surgery? Before booking your traveling arrangements, examine the pros and cons of doing so.

In terms of pros or plus sides, there is the cost of surgery. As previously stated, LapBand surgery costs about $10,000 less in Mexico. This means you are automatically able to save money. If covered by health insurance and your provider is willing to extend coverage to the LapBand, opt for a surgeon in the United States. If you are uninsured, Mexico may sound like an ideal option.

In all honesty, the biggest advantage to heading to Mexico is the cost of surgery. There are many more cons to traveling for surgery. For starters, there is the unfamiliar territory. Hospitalization is less than 24 hours for most patients. With that said, you cannot return to your normal activities immediately following surgery. For example, most patients need one week off from work. Following surgery, you need to rest and make slow moments, not spend up to 12 hours in a car or time on an airplane.

As previously stated, recovery is important following the LapBand surgery. You may think that you could just stay at a hotel and recuperate in Mexico. Once again, keep familiar territory in mind. The LapBand surgery is safe and effective, but it is a huge change. Your diet is limited to clear liquids immediately following surgery. Many patients find this process difficult or unbearable. For your sanity, opt for recuperation at home where you are surrounded by a strong support group.

Most importantly, travel costs effect the cost of surgery. As previously stated, the cost of surgery is, on average, $10,000 less in Mexico. You are unlikely to spend $10,000 in travel expenses, but you never know. A passport, long distance road trip, airline tickets, and weeklong hotel stay can easily add up in costs. Yes, you will still save money, but compare that money saved with convenience. Is it really worth it to be all alone in a foreign country without close friends and family to support you, only to save $2,000? In most cases, no.

Of course, safety should be examined. In the United States, Board Certified Surgeons are recommended. These surgeons undergo strict testing and must following certain rules and restrictions. Yes, other countries hold their surgeons accountable for their actions, but most do not have as strict rules as the United States. This means that your surgeon may have a low success rate with the LapBand surgery or they may have multiple complaints lodged against them, which you may never know.

So, should you travel to Mexico for the LapBand surgery? The decision is yours to make, but first examine your local options.


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