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Why Losing Weight is Good

There is a great benefit acquired from losing weight. Though losing weight is not easy, the long term effects brought by it would probably be of help to anyone considering to shed those unwanted and unhealthy pounds.

The following are a few of the remarkable advantages from losing those excess weight.

Weight loss prevents high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke

That is a three in one benefit from losing weight. It is a fact that heart disease and stroke are one of the primary reasons for disability and death in both men and women in the US. People who are overweight have a higher risk to have high levels of cholesterol in their blood stream as well as triglycerides (also known as blood fat).

Angina, one type of heart disease, could cause chest pains as well as a decrease in the oxygen pumped to the heart.

Sudden death also occurs from heart disease and stroke, and usually this strikes with very little warning, signs and symptoms.

It is a fact that by decreasing your weight by a mere five to ten percent, this could positively decrease the chances of you having or developing heart disease or a stroke. Plus, how your heart functions would also improve as well as your blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride count will decrease.

Weight loss prevents type 2 diabetes

Diabetes puts in jeopardy ones life as well as how one leads his or her life because of the complications that result from having it. Both types of diabetes, type one and type two are linked with being overweight. To those who already have diabetes, regular exercise and losing weight could help in controlling your blood sugar levels as well as the medication you may be currently taking. Increase your physical activity. You could simply walk, jog or dance. It helps get those blood streams moving as well as lose those unnecessary pounds.

Weight loss helps reduce your risk for cancer

Being overweight is linked with a number of kinds of cancer. Specially for women, the common types of cancer that is associated with being overweight include cancer of the uterus, gallbladder, ovary, breast, and colon. This is not meant to scare you, this is only to keep you informed. Men are at risk too from developing cancer if they are overweight. These include cancer of the colon, prostate and rectum. Extra weight, a diet high in fat and cholesterol should as much as possible be avoided.

Weight loss reduces sleep apnea

Or it could eliminate it all together. Sleep apnea is a condition wherein one could temporarily stop breathing for a brief period and then would continue to snore heavily. Sleep apnea could cause drowsiness or sleepiness during the day and because of being overweight could result in heart failure. Shedding those excess pounds could help in eliminating this problem.

Weight loss reduces the pain of osteoarthritis

When one weighs heavily, the joints of his or her knees, hips and lower back would have to exert double if not triple effort to carry him or her through out his / her waking, walking and moving life. This could cause tension and stress on these joints. Weight loss decreases the load these joints carry thus decreasing if not eliminating the pain of one who has osteoarthritis.


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Tips for a Healthy Life

Tips for a Healthy Life
Kevin D

Tips for a Healhy Life

Balancing your activities with the proper amount of rest and follwoign some simple diet and exrecise programs will lead you to a healther life. Experts in the field of aging now believe that regular exercise along with the proper amount of rest may actually add years to the life span. Results from a number of tests indicate that speed and muscular strength of many of the elderly can be extended.

Most authorities agree that this new data is going to shatter many of the myths about aging and physical performance. The conclusion now is that the performance and ability of the elderly has long been underestimated, diet, proper sleep and exercise along with rest and relaxation are all important factors in preserving our bodies.

Laughter is one of the best things for your mental and physical state as well as overall well being. People are naturally attracted to someone who has a good sense of humor. You can develop a good outlook and a good sense of humor by associating with and surrounding yourself with pleasant happy people.

Recognize that stress is a killer andhas caused millions of health related problems. A life filled with stress can really wreak havoc on your body causing a number of illnesses such as hear attacks, strokes, asthma, gastric problems, menstrual disorders, ulcerative colitis, angina, irritable colon, increased blood pressure, ulcers, headaches, etc.

There are different types of stress such as mental, emotional and physical. Emotional stress seems to take the greatest toll on everyone. All stress is not bad; in fact, life would not be very interesting if it were not met with challenges. However, too much stress, too often with no effective and appropriate outlet, does not allow the body and soul to recuperate. You might review a typical week to see if you can identify things that might be making you anxious or causing you stress. Once identified, stressors can be attacked and eliminated.

Are you a worrier? Chronic worriers don’t have more serious problems than others – they just think they do. Many worriers try to cope by trying not to think about their problems, but this just makes things worse. Doctors say that chronic worriers feel less anxious if they actually spend a half-hour a day thinking specifically about their problems.

Get plenty of exercise. People who are physically fit look good and feel good. A good exercise regimen will lengthen your life. Improve your appearance, build self confidence and help delay the aging process.

Remember that you need to do something physical every day. If you don’t use your joints, quite simply they’ll tighten up with age to create the stooped, bent and worn out appearance we so often associate with old age. Studies have shown that people with arthritis experience less pain if they continue to keep their joints flexible. As one gets older, the bones tend to get brittle which is why it is common for senior citizens to break bones and especially their hips when they fall.

Eating right, getting proper sleep and learning to relax are all very valuable in maintaining a healthy body and mind. And keep in mind that eating healthy foods and avoiding those high in fats, sodium and cholesterol will help to decrease your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and associated problems.

Prevent accidents and even events life Knee Surgery by eating right, loseing weight. You health is your business and should be taken seriously.

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CO-Q10 for a Healthy Heart

CO-Q10 for a Healthy Heart
D & D @ True Healthy Living

Coenzyme Q10 (also known as Co-Q10, Vitamin Q or ubiquinone) is
a compound that is made naturally in the body. It is also found
in all living organisms and most foods contain traces of it as
well. The highest amounts are found in the heart, liver,
kidneys, and pancreas, with the lowest amounts found in the
lungs. It is needed for the proper functioning of enzymes (thus
the reason for the name “coenzyme”) that are necessary for
chemical reactions throughout the body. Coenzymes are a sort of
energy sparking catalyst for the cells of the body.

Our bodies could not survive without energy producing Co-Q10.
It’s a necessary nutrient needed for the proper functioning of
every cell. Without it we would not have enough cellular energy
to fuel the physiological reactions we need to survive. As a
powerful antioxidant, it also protects the body from free
radical damage that can damage important parts of the cell.
Several small studies have even shown a benefit for some
cancers, possibly because of its immune enhancing effects.

The heart requires the most Co-Q10, calling for a constant
supply of energy to pump blood throughout the body. Numerous
studies have shown that Co-Q10 can support the cardiovascular
system when dealing with such issues as mitral valve prolapse,
hypertension, cardiomyopathy, irregular heartbeat, angina and
high blood pressure.

Since Coenzyme Q10 assists the body on a cellular level,
sufficient stores of this nutrient are needed to fight off
illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s
disease. Having enough Co-Q10 ensures that you can retain proper
muscle function and overall stamina.

This important nutrient is easily depleted by stress, age,
illness, exercise, and some drugs. Along with blocking the liver
mechanism that manufactures cholesterol, cholesterol-lowering
drugs, like Lipitor, Zocor and Pravachol (also known as statins)
block the production of Coenzyme Q10. Other drugs such as
antidepressants and beta blockers also deplete this important

Co-Q10 is essential for the functioning of every cell in our
bodies. Again, without it we could not survive. When it drops,
so does our cardiovascular health, our immunity and general
health. When Co-Q10 levels are boosted, so is our immune systems
response. Therefore, taking a look at Co-Q10, may assist you in
reversing cardiovascular disease, symptoms of fatigue or
generally in enhancing the immune system and fending off

Coenzyme Q10 is a boost to overall health. An aid for…TRUE

About the author:

Due to personal health issues we have been researching health &
fitness for the last five years. The information we have
obtained has helped us and our family members get off
pharmaceutical drugs and regain a level of health we had never
known. Please visit us at

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