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pH Miracle Diet and Water Ionizers

The pH miracle diet is a revolutionary new technique for restoring balance to the body. By eating foods and drinks that are mostly alkaline, you remove the negative effects of acidic foods. People who posses started the diet report that they experience weight loss, improvement in arthritis, removal of concentration problems and more energy as well as many distinctive benefits. The key to the pH miracle diet is eating primarily alkaline foods, however, drinking alkaline water is also important.

Alkaline or ionized water provides your body with the right pH it needs for your cells to function. The human shape and all of its cells have a pH of 7. 4 that is slightly alkaline. Drinking alkaline water helps buttress this system. Ionized alkaline water can be created in your very own home with the use of a water ionizer. The water ionizer will gate the water from your kitchen faucet and pass it through an advanced filter that leave remove pesticides, chlorine and other contaminants. The water will then be pulls through an ionization chamber. In this chamber, the pre – filtered water is run due to positive and rejection electrodes to disjunction it into acid and alkaline water.

Alkaline water is better tasting and has antioxidant activity. It improves your bodys ability to detoxify itself and increases the oxygen delivered to your cells. The minerals within the water are microclustered for better hydration. Drinking alkaline water each day will help your body incline more balanced. If you use green drinks to support your pH miracle diet, mixing them with ionized water will increase their effectiveness. Using ionized water in cooking will also produce better tasting foods. Alkaline water will help vegetables maintain their natural colors when you steam them.

Ionized water helps rid your body of accumulated acid. The water helps flush toxins from all of the body tissues and into the kidneys, where it is then excreted through the urine. If youve been eating a highly acidic diet and start the pH miracle diet existent is recommended that you drink 4 liters of ionized water per day to get your system back in organization. Four liters of water per day may seem like a lot, but existent will be better for your health if you flush out the toxins as fast as possible.

A water ionizer has two water chambers, one with positive electrodes and one with negative electrodes. The negative electrodes will attract the positive minerals ( which are all alkaline ) and the clear-cut electrodes attract negatively charged minerals ( or acid minerals ). The alkaline minerals are calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium. The acid minerals are chlorine, fluoride, sulfur, silicon and pennies.

The two chambers have a special membrane between them with microscopic holes. The holes are since small that the water molecules cannot mingle, but the ionized minerals can get through. After the process is complete, there will mean about 70 % alkaline water and 30 % acid water. The alkaline water comes ended the spigot, and the acid water is expelled directly into the drain.

Water ionizers have been in use for the last 60 age and were first developed in Japans agricultural universities. The health benefits of ionized water were well researched and then water ionizers became available to the Japanese public. They are now available to residents in other countries as well.

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A Deadly Substance That Could Form in the Body

All vertebrates need cholesterol to sustain health of the outer membrane cells. It circulates in the blood to settle in body tissues and blood plasma in forms of fatty lipids (steroids) and alcohol. Cholesterol is maintained to balanced levels that must not exceed what our body needs.

Today, when every ready food could just be fished out from fast foods and other busy traffic-highway-eateries, all you need is to be concerned about eliminating idle (unwanted) additional intake of this substance that affects a great general health disadvantage impact in today’s generation.

Let us educate first on how Cholesterol functions and affects body metabolic interference before we ever discuss eliminating its excesses. When a doctor mentions of cholesterol, he is definitely addressing such to the low-density lipoproteins (LDL), considered the “bad cholesterol.” The way lipoproteins act as the carrier molecules, it deposit the LDL to the walls of the arteries that cause it to thicken and become devoid of normal blood passage causing arthrosclerosis. High-density lipoprotein is “good cholesterol.”

One of the various uses of good cholesterol act as anti-oxidant, and help manufacture bile, that aids to digest fats essential to the functions of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. All these mentioned vitamins help in the metabolism functions in the reproductive organs, from puberty developmental process until the ripe age, that has to do with the effects of estrogen level in the body.

Main Sources of Good Cholesterol:

1. Three-fourth (75%) of it comes from within the body, or produced internally thru results from synthesizing from densely packed membranes like liver, central nervous system (spinal chord, includes brain), reproductive organs, adrenal gland, and atheroma. The degenerative changes in the atheroma result to development of atherosclerotic plaques and coronary artery disease that affect the natural flow of the blood. When this happens it causes sudden block of the in and out flow of blood from the heart; most of the time causing heart strokes, possibly fatal.

2. One fourth (25%) comes from our food intake (external source), and this is where you must be alerted on what to take in your daily diet. Fats originated from animals are rich in cholesterol, like egg yolk, dairy, and meat, regardless of whatever type in meat source. Observe keenly about tolerating excess of this second cholesterol essential for as you see, it takes only a last portion of that last quart necessary. A mistake in this will surely make up for “cholesterol imbalance.”

Ways to Lower Idle Cholesterol (excess of the 25% Food Originated Cholesterol):

– Select intake of fats from non-saturated cooking oil or direct fat sources from animals. One of the best cooking oil that produce unsaturated fat is olive oil. Other palm oils like coconut are highly saturated. Take low-content-sodium cholesterol fats; instead, eat high fiber vegetables and fruits, and complex carbohydrates. Examples of this are corn, soybeans and legumes, nuts, wheat, and other staple cereals.

– Refrain from eating at Fast foods and other restaurants, they present high fat saturated foods and rich in sodium. Also remember, that alcohol and sugar enhance the degree of cholesterol level, so avoid excessive hard drink sprays.

– Recent researches reveal that the presence of the Omega-3 fat acid present in Salmon, mackerel, certain tuna specie, and other deep sea hunts aids in lowering idle cholesterol.

If Idle Cholesterol is raised to high levels, seek medications as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors, Statins, such as lovastatin (Mevacor), and atorvastatin (Liptor), most effective to lower LD, of course with physician’s guidance.

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How Does One Get Lymphoma?

Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects the bodys lymph system. Contrary to its name and to what some people might have told you, lymphoma is not just isolated on the lymph nodes and thymus gland for the lymph or lymphatic system is actually composed of the bone marrow, the thymus gland, the lymph nodes, tonsils, appendix and spleen. The system filters the waste or unwanted materials like fats and bacteria from the various body tissues. The one that picks up the bodys dirt is the lymph, a clear or sometimes yellowish fluid. But the question remains, how does one get lymphoma?

Unfortunately however, the answer to that question is not a simple one. For one, despite the thousands of hours spent on medical research and laboratory testing the actual cause of the disease is still an unknown. DNA mutation is one of the possible cause of why lymphoma develops but what happens why DNA have to mutate remains a big question to the medical science community. Medical scientists, nevertheless, have found several factors that can possibly increase the risks of developing lymphoma.

As you might have already guessed, the two general factors are genetic and environmental factors. Genetics for one is still a complicated issue that most likely cannot be resolved soon with a concluding answer. Inheriting the disease cannot still be ascertained as a valid cause. However, it was found out the people with inherited immune disorders are most likely to develop lymphoma as well. Immune disorders such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis and celiac disease appear to have a hand in the development of lymphoma.

Likewise, those that have immune system disorders are also at a higher risk of developing lymphoma. Those that belong to this type of disorders include patients with HIV/AIDS, Helicobacter Pylori and Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). People with compromised immune systems like those with HIV/AIDS and EBV are often candidates for lymphoma as well.

On the environmental factors side, it should be common knowledge by now that various health hazards such as exposure to chemicals and radiation causes a variety of diseases, disorders or health conditions. And this includes developing lymphoma. More specifically, solvents like acetone, alcohol (yes various alcohols), xylene, turpentine, and benzene have found to associated with lymphoma.

The same can be said with chemical herbicides and pesticides which make farmers and various workers in the agricultural sector at a higher risk on developing the disease. Some hair dye products have also been found to be a significant factor to the development of lymphoma in some patients. Although, it seems that the hair dye products that shown such effects were those manufactured before the 1980s.

How does one get lymphoma? To fully answer that question means giving more time and more funding to the medical science community to do their research and testing. Lymphoma cases are not going down and definitely the disease is not something that can be eradicated in a quick span of time. But for now, we should at least try to avoid the various factors that increase our risk of contracting the disease. Prevention is still the best cure.

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Using fish as part of a healthy eating plan

Using fish as part of a healthy eating plan
Tony Robinson

It is hard to beat fish and seafood for high protein and low
fat. Fish has been shown in study after study to have a positive
impact on health, and to lower the risk of heart disease and
other diseases. In addition, fish is delicious and easy to

Many nutrition experts recommend eating fish at least once or
twice every week. The most nutritious varieties of fish, and
those that contain the greatest amounts of heart protecting
omega-3 fatty acids, tend to be those that live in cold ocean
waters. These varieties of fish include salmon and sardines.

The benefits of a fishy diet Fish has long been thought to have
a positive benefit on the heart. So far the results of clinical
studies have been inconclusive, but research into the heart
healthy effects of fish continues. No matter what the benefits,
there is little doubt that fish is a healthy food, containing
significant levels of protein and smaller amounts of fat and
calories than other types of meat.

As a matter of fact, fish is one of the best sources of protein
there is. Everyone needs protein for building muscles and
repairing damaged body tissues. In addition, protein plays a
vital role in the growth of nails and hair, in hormone
production and in many other vital bodily processes.

In addition to fish, many other animal based products, such as
meat, eggs, poultry and dairy products, contain significant
amounts of protein. Plant based sources of protein exist as
well, in nuts, beans and lentils, among others.

The key to getting sufficient protein in the diet is to balance
the healthy effects of protein on the diet against the large
amounts of fat and cholesterol that protein rich foods often
contain. The combination of high protein and low fat is one of
the things that makes a diet rich in fish so appealing.

With the exception of salmon, almost all commonly eaten
varieties of fish are very low in fat, and even salmon contains
lower levels of fat than many varieties of meats. In addition,
fish is low in saturated fat, the type of fat that is most
associated with heart disease and clogged arteries.

Fish is low in unsaturated fat because of the nature of where
and how they live. Instead of storing energy in the form of
saturated fat as land animals do, fish store their fat in the
form of polyunsaturated oils. That adaptation allows their
bodies to function normally in the cool oceans and streams where
they swim. It also makes them a great choice for anyone seeking
to cut levels of saturated fat in the diet.

For all these reasons, fish remains an important part of any low
fat, heart healthy lifestyle. Substituting high fat, greasy
foods like hamburgers and ribs is a great way to make a change
for healthy living.

One note about fish and pollution, however. It is true that many
fish caught in polluted waters contain high levels of mercury.
While most commercially caught and grown fish is low in mercury,
it is important for fisherman to limit their consumption of
locally caught fish. Pregnant women are also advised to limit
their intake of fish, due to the potential harm to the baby.

Fitting fish into your busy lifestyle Many people avoid fish
because they do not know how to prepare and cook it. While it is
true that fish can present more of a challenge for the
inexperienced, there are many recipes and cookbooks that make
preparation easier. In addition, many packaged seafood products
contain cooking tips and serving suggestions that take some of
the mystery out of preparing a nutritious and delicious meal of
fresh fish.

Even those who do not cook, however, can enjoy the many benefits
of fish in the diet. There are a number of canned seafood
products on the market, including canned salmon, sardines and
the ever popular tuna. So there is no reason fish cannot fit
into your healthy eating plan.

About the author:

Tony Robinson is a Company CEO, webmaster husband and dad. In
his busy lifestyle he has placed importance on health and
fitness. Visit for good eating tips
and techniques to assist you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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