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Abdominoplasty – Flat Belly Equals Weight Loss

There are many, many reasons someone would choose to have an abdominoplasty procedure done. After pregnancy is one good reason, especially if the baby was taken by Cesarean section. During a Cesarean section the abdominal muscles are cut by the doctor and because of this the muscles may have a difficult time recovering and lose their elasticity along with the skin of the abdomen.

During the procedure the doctor will use a technique called “baseball stitching” of the damaged abdominal muscles to strengthen them so they heal nicely then use liposuction to remove any fat remaining under the skin. The skin is then stretched, pulled taut and the excess is trimmed off. The belly button has to be relocated and the incision stitched closed. Next, drain tubes are put in place to keep fluid from building up under the skin. Keeping the fluid from building up will also help the healing process and decrease the possibility of infection.

After all of this is done the whole abdominal area is wrapped tightly with a compression dressing to help support the muscles and skin during the healing period. A narcotic analgesic will be prescribed to manage the pain. You can expect the recovery to take about six weeks to two months depending on the extent of the procedure you choose to have done.

If you are overweight and have tried everything you can think of to lose weight and have failed, first of all, know that you are not alone. This has happened to the best of us. So what do you do if you want to be healthy? One thing you can do is a procedure like abdominoplasty. You will still have to change the way you eat and think about food otherwise you will not keep the weight off and the procedure will be a waste of time and money.

You can have the flat belly you have always wanted and look toned and in shape with just one procedure. When the weight is gone then you will not only look and feel healthier you will be healthier. Joints and muscles will not hurt so much anymore. Once your body gets used to not having to carry around all that extra weight your joints and muscles may not hurt anymore at all.

Other benefits may include a decrease in blood pressure, cholesterol and even eliminating diabetes symptoms. Anything you can do to decrease signs and symptoms of any one of these disorders will help you save some money on prescriptions and visits to the doctor. You may even be able to save on medical and life insurance premiums if you become healthier by losing the weight.

Professionals will tell you to not use this procedure as an alternative for a good weight loss program but if you want to look and feel your best and get the added benefit of being healthier in so may ways then talk to a board certified plastic surgeon in you area to get the information you need to make an informed decision about abdominoplasty.

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5 Healthy Ways to Prevent and Heal Stretch Marks

5 Healthy Ways to Prevent and Heal Stretch Marks
Charles Kassotis

Stretch marks are a common dermatological problem in both sexes of all ages. Stretch Mark scars are formed when our skin needs to be stretched quickly. A sudden weight gain, pregnancy, puberty, height gaining, and sudden weight loss may cause cases like that. The inner layer of the skin tears as the normal production of the major protein that makes up the connective tissue in our skin, collagen, is disrupted. Trying to heal the wounds, the skin is increasing the amount of collagen in the overstretched tissue, resulting in those familiar pinkish lines.
If you are in one of these situations, watch out, you don’t want to see these lines on your skin later. Stretch Mark Treatments are often ineffective and in some cases very expensive. It is better prevent than to treat, so here are some prevention tips for you.
Follow a balanced diet. Keep your weight gain within the recommended range, as sudden weight gain or weight loss is the most common cause of stretch marks as well as other health problems. If you have weight problems or sudden weight changes consult your doctor or dietician.
Drink plenty of water. Hydration is important for your overall health and it is critical to healthy skin. Skin needs water for elasticity. Dehydration makes skin looking dry, lined and feeling delicate, being vulnerable enough for stretch marks and scars.
Vitamins are a certain way to ensure proper nutritional status and shiny strong skin in and out. All vitamins are essential for healthy skin but you can make sure that you take enough of the skin beneficial vitamins; Vitamin A is critical for normal life cycle of skin cells, vitamin C, iron and copper which are important for the synthesis of collagen, folate is important for rapidly dividing skin cells, Vitamins B1 and B2 are critical for energy production in the cells and vitamin B12 is essential for a variety of synthetic processes in the cells.
You can also use a body brush to massage the areas where you have or want to prevent stretch marks from appearing, such us the thighs, buttocks, breasts and arms. This massage will increase circulation to the area, adding points to your efforts.
Moisturize your skin externally. You can apply several moisturizing creams and oils. Daily massage the area with a substance of your choice. Olive oil, vaseline, vitamin E cream, different types of butter such us cocoa butter, coconut butter and shea butter will do fine. There are also special creams marketed especially for stretch mark prevention, formulas that are designed to help enhance collagen production and support the dermis. These moisturizers will help keep your skin supple and elastic plus serve as nutrition for your skin.
Finally, keep in mind that the appearance of stretch marks is not entirely in your hands. Heredity and skin complexion is also important. Stretch marks are the result of a healthy body trying to heal itself.
So, if despite your efforts you continue to see stretch marks on your skin, do not despair. You are a healthy individual and your marks tell a story. There are always new treatments waiting for you to try, and cosmetic science is always progressing rapidly in this direction.
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