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Undergoing LapBand Surgery: Tips to Get Started

You may have heard that the LapBand surgery is a great way to lose weight. Yes, it is. After all, the LapBand is one of the fastest growing weight loss surgeries in the United States. So, if you are ready to lose weight and improve your health, you may be ready to get started.

First, you need to determine if you are eligible. Most times, you will do so with your primary care physician. He or she will review the standard eligibility criteria used by most LapBand surgeons. For example, most only operate on those between the ages of 18 and 60 and those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or higher. If you are deemed an ideal candidate, a referral will be provided.

The best way to find a quality LapBand surgeon is to use the referral of a primary care physician. With that said, you can choose your own surgeon. The internet or local phone book is an easy way to get started. If not using a referral, set up a consultation appointment immediately to determine your eligibility.

The next step is to review all health insurance coverage. If you are insured, coverage may be extended. LapBand surgery is often an optional procedure. This means that if strict rules and restrictions are met, coverage is likely. Speak to your health insurance provider and physician to determine coverage eligibility and amount.

Before getting your heart set on the LapBand system or before going in for the procedure, it is important to arrange payment. On average, the LapBand system costs between $15,000 and $20,000 in the United States. If paying with a debit card, contact your bank to have your daily limit temporarily lifted. If unable to pay the cost upfront, inquire about a payment plan.

Your initial consultation appointment is where you will be deemed an ideal candidate for LapBand surgery. After that, you will still have follow-up appointment. These will be to prepare you for surgery and monitor the strict pre-surgery diet of lean meats, vegetables, fruits, and yogurt. At least one of these appointments should be with the surgeon performing the procedure.

Two to three weeks before the LapBand procedure, patients need to restrict their diet. As previously stated, this diet contains lean meats, yogurt, fruits, vegetables, and other similar foods. Why not get started earlier? This gives you reassurance that you can restrict your diet before and after surgery. It also allows you to experiment and find healthy food that works for you.

One of the many advantages to undergoing the LapBand is the short recovery time. Since the stomach is resized with an adjustable band, as opposed to stomach stapling, hospitalization is usually less than 24 hours. Still, you will need time off from work. Discuss work with your surgeon. Your job duties will determine time needed for recovery.

Preparing your home is another important pre-surgery step. Before undergoing surgery, prepare everything you need at home. This may involve cleaning, rearranging for easy movement, and so forth. If responsible for cooking for other family members, cook and freeze meals ahead of time.

Buying post-surgery supplies ahead of time can ease the recovery process. Immediately following the LapBand surgery, a clear liquid diet is required. A few days later, you will be able to transition to full liquid foods. Stock up on these liquids before your surgery. You will experience a some difficulty getting around, so dont make unnecessary trips to the grocery store.

Finally, arrange transportation to and from surgery. Patients undergoing the LapBand procedure cannot eat or drink after midnight. This may leave you feeling tired and lightheaded, so do not drive. The same is said for post-surgery. Instead, recruit a friend or family member for transportation.

Most importantly, follow the advice of your surgeon. If your surgeon advises you to restrict your diet before surgery, do it. These rules and restrictions are designed to protect your health and wellbeing. When following the advice of a LapBand surgeon, your risk of surgery related complications decrease.


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LapBand Surgery: What If Your Doctor Says No

The LapBand is a surgical procedure that has increased in popularity in the United States. It is one of the fastest growing weight loss procedures in the country. Despite its success and popularity, not all individuals are ideal candidates.

While you may find some variances, most surgeons base their decision on common eligibility criteria. This criteria states that those between the ages of 18 and 60 and those 100 pounds overweight are perfect candidates for the LapBand system. Health will also be taken into consideration. Weight exceptions may be made for those with obesity related complications, such as asthma or diabetes.

If you are interested in undergoing the LapBand surgery, your first step is to schedule a consultation appointment with your doctor. This consultation appointment may involve meeting with your family doctor or a referral may lead you to LapBand surgeon. Either way, your consultation appointment will determine whether the LapBand procedure is right for you. But, what if it isnt?

If you arent deemed an ideal candidate for LapBand surgery, you may honestly feel as if you hit a road block. You may feel as if you have exhausted all of your options. Yes, this may be true, but know that you do have many other choices.

Look for another LapBand surgeon. Despite the fact that each LapBand surgeon has eligibility requirements, some are more flexible than others. For example, if you are 85 pounds overweight, but suffer from diabetes, it is possible to find a surgeon who will perform the procedure. This is because most cases of diabetes disappear with weight loss. Some surgeons believe this is worth the risk.

Start eating healthy. Those who suffer from obesity typically have a problem with their diets. This problem tends to involve the consumption of foods that are high in fats and calories. Restricting your diet can result in weight loss. Unfortunately, diet restrictions are not easy. If you opt for this weight loss alternative, it will take a lot of time, trial and error, and patience.

Schedule an appointment with a nutrician. These individuals are knowledgeable on the subjects of food, health, and weight loss. If you have spent years consuming foods that are high in sugar, fat, and calories, you may not know which foods are right for you or how to start the transition to healthy eating. A professional can help you develop the best eating plan to fit your needs.

Start exercising. Diet, when combined with exercise, is the most natural way to lose weight. If you are obese, as opposed to overweight, exercise may be something you want to avoid. You may have unpleasant visions of hours on the treadmill or stares at the gym. The good news is that these visions do not have to become reality. Exercise can be something as simple as parking in the back of the parking lot so that you can walk more. After you start to see a small weight loss and gain confidence, incorporate more extensive workouts into your day.

Examine other weight loss surgeries. The LapBand procedure is just one of the weight loss surgeries performed in the United States. So, you do have other alternatives. Unfortunately, Roux-en Y gastric bypass (RGB) and Biliopancreatic Diversion (extensive gastric bypass) procedures have more risks and complications. This is due to stomach stapling, as opposed to the use of an adjustable LapBand. In most instances, if you are deemed ineligible for the LapBand, you are likely to receive the same response. Of course, it wont hurt to inquire.

Discuss alternatives with your doctor. Once you hear that you are not an ideal candidate for the LapBand system, you may want to run out of the office in frustration. Instead, stay and ask your doctor about alternatives. He or she will likely suggest exercise and diet restrictions, but still ask. Following the recommendations of a professional healthcare provider is the best and safest way to lose weight.


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