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Transitioning into the pH miracle diet

The pH miracle diet is onliest of the most revolutionary diets to grow in popularity in the past few years. The eating principles of the diet ( vegetarian, organic foods ) are not new, but the addition of the pH factor is definitely something that has not been readily seen in the world of victual. The acid / alkaline balance of our bodies is something that multifarious people have never heard of, although the concepts have been part of Chinese medicine for thousands of elderliness. The pH miracle diet may seem strange upon your first push, but once you find out more about the concepts and benefits youll be impressed and motivated to try this way of eating.

The pH miracle diet is a definite transition from the standard American diet. If you are embarking on a journey to health and plan to use the pH miracle diet you cede definitely experience a transition in your life. This diet requires you to think about food and eating in an entirely new way. Youll be challenging old stereotypes about diet, such as meat is an important part of every meal and milk is beneficial to your health. Original can be difficult to make a completely 180 – degree turn in your street of eating and cooking.

However, in order to have success on the pH miracle diet, you dont have to make that 180 – degree turn in just one week. The book outlines 7 specific steps for dietary change. They do not all have to be done at once. If you radically change your diet and are eating unfamiliar foods, cooking unfamiliar recipes and missing out on your favorite meals, you will not stay on the diet for very long, no matter how healthy it is. The best approach to adapting the pH miracle diet is to do it slowly and at your own pace.

Taking a slower approach is also helpful because it will help you understand how the diet is affecting your body. Even if youve read the book a dozen times and understand all of the lore behind the acid / alkaline balance, you wont really know it well until youve done it yourself. Incorporating this new way of eating into your body step by step consign allow you to feel the effects of the acid / alkaline process. You blame deed the science against your personal opinion and how your habitus responds.

Everybody is different and you may catch as you start the program that certain aspects of the program dont work for you. Maybe you cannot go vegetarian totally, or you find it difficult to go without certain acid – forming fruits. Testing out the instruction of the pH miracle diet on your own body will allow you to decide what works and what doesnt. The goal of the diet is find a balance of 70 % alkaline and 30 % acid foods. This means that you can still enjoy the foods that you love as long as they are balanced by alkalizing foods.

The transition to an ideal pH diet balance is something you should take at your own pace. This is particularly true if you have had a diet full of acid – forming foods or if you have any major health problems. Your body commit need time to respond to this new way of eating and alter to operating on natural foods. The transition into pH balanced eating is a trek that should be traveled in incremental steps.

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Stress and the pH miracle diet

The pH miracle diet is a new way to look at how you eat. By addressing each cookery, beverage, supplement, and additive by its acidic or alkaline signature a balance can be negotiated. Our bodies work according to the pH scale, which works on a range of 1 to 14. A ranking of 1 on this scale denotes a high level of acid while a ranking of 14 indicates that qualified is a high concentration of alkaline present. A ranking of 7 on the pH scale represents neutrality in pH. The cardinal in the human bloodstream regulates at the level of 7. 35, which is mildly alkaline. The pH miracle diet advocates keeping the intake of food into your body in line with this superlative level. The method of implementation is quite simple, by coordinating an eating planned structured around a comprehensive list of foods, and supplements you can create an effective strategy to lesser acidity in your body.

Alkaline intake will counter act this stored acidity by being metabolized and neutralizing them at the rudiment. With balance as the benchmark for a workable health plan; constant monitoring of the bodys pH levels is essential. Saliva pH assessment strips protect a base range of 4. 5 to 8. 5 cede allow for accurate readings that can assist you in making the proper adjustments to your diet. Even with all of this knowledge and action there are outside influences that will affect your bodys acid production. These outside factors will greatly determine how you will implement the alkalizing foods and supplements. The most cogent of these external factors will be stress.

Stress is ubiquitous, physical is everywhere and it affects everyone. This universal problem has a very traumatic end product on your body. The body works overtime to combat stress that in emotions creates more stress. This vicious cycle is propagated by an increase in acid production. As stated previously, acid is a detriment to your shape. When the body is overly acidic it does not run well, on the cellular level, the body cannot maintain the unaffected system. The circulation is adversely affected with the heart having to compensate by working harder. Hole up the heart beating at a higher rate to push this sticky blood through the bloodstream many of these sticky cell clumps break paper from the path and attach themselves to the arterial walls creating further slowdowns in the circulation. Your build needs burgundy to function if the blood reaching the cells and organs are of poor quality this can have serious repercussions. Stress is an acid – producing killer.

Learned are many techniques in addition to diet that can help in your quest for a balanced pH level. Getting the adequate rest is always the best way to achieve stress cooperation, as well as meditation which can be two to three times more restful and rejuvenating than actual sleep. Limiting the intake of caffeine and other stimulants also works toward lowering stress in the body by removing these narcotics from the equation. At the heart of stress reduction is eating more foods that are alkaline in nature that will neutralize the acid waste in the body. Exercising is by far the most effective way to receive direct stress relief, and will also help reduce the fat stores of the body where acid waste inhabits in abundance.

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How To Find The Best Healthy Eating Diet For You

How To Find The Best Healthy Eating Diet For You

It seems as if there is a new diet released every day, and sometimes even more often than that. With all of the competing plans out there, it can be difficult to figure out what the best healthy eating diet is for you. However, it is important to find not only a plan that works, but one that you can stick to. You can start by writing down everything you eat and how you feel. You should do this as you are eating your regular diet, with no changes. Don’t worry about how healthy it is at this point. If you gulp down a double cheeseburger, doughnuts and soda, then write it down. This is so you can get a baseline to compare other diets to.

Keep doing this for a week or so and you will have a clear picture of the current state of your diet, and the effects your diet has on you. Once you know what your current eating habits are doing to you, you can start looking for other diets that will improve your health.

The next thing you need to do is consider what your dietary goals are. For example, if you are overweight, or have diabetes, then you should look for a healthy eating diet that fits those goals. However, if you are just looking to improve your general state of health, then any eating plan that appears to be nutritionally sound should be fine.

Now it’s simply a matter of repeating the process of tracking what you eat and how it makes you feel. Feel free to add any other notes, such as times you “cheat” on your new diet, your weight (if that’s a concern), thoughts, or anything else that you think is worthy of making a note of. As a word of caution: if you have been used to an unhealthy diet, and then you suddenly switch to eating food that is better for you, you’re going to feel kind of funny for the first few days. This is because your body is, in effect, relearning how to deal with real food. Keep tracking what you eat, and you should notice that you’re feeling better than ever after a few days of your new healthy eating diet.

Different diets have a different effect on people, so it’s important to know how the food you eat has an impact on you. For example, a lot of people that try high-carbohydrate, low-fat diets often find that they can get irritable and drowsy. If this happens to you, and you still feel that way after a few weeks, then it may be time to consider another healthy eating diet.

However, before you switch to another plan of any kind, review your food log to see if there may be specific foods that are causing the problem. You should be able to find a replacement for a particular food, as opposed to switching over to an entirely new healthy eating diet, Either way, stick with it, and you will eventually find the right plan for you.

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Health Plan: A ‘Healthy Business’ Plan

Health Plan: A ‘Healthy Business’ Plan
Marjorie Geiser

In business, owners create business plans and marketing plans
for the New Year to help set their course for success. This
becomes their template to make their dreams and business goals
come true. They can then track their progress and make
adjustments when necessary to keep themselves on track.

But, why not do the same thing if your goal is improved health?
Just imagine setting up a real action plan to address what you
want to achieve and how you will go about making those goals
happen. Let’s look at some of the parts of a business plan and
see how they can be adjusted into a ‘health plan’.

Mission statement

According to Stephen Covey, all individuals should have a
personal mission statement. Do you have one? Ok, so you probably
don’t. But what about creating a personal health mission
statement? What would you want that statement to say? It should
include what your health would ideally look like and why you
would want it to look that way. You may want to include what
your primary goal is for creating a health statement, too.

An example may be, “I am committed to becoming a healthy example
for my family so that they learn healthy habits and never have
to suffer from disease caused by lifestyle. I will do this by
avoiding unfavorable health habits and eat a healthy, whole diet
most of the time and stay active on a regular basis.” So, here
are the questions to ask yourself in order to create your health
mission statement: 1. What do you want your health to look like?
2. Why do you want this health result? 3. How will you
accomplish this goal?

Vision statement

What do you want your health to look like in 10 years? What will
you feel and look like? How will you know if you have succeeded
in your goal?

Answer each of these questions to create your ultimate vision
for your health. Perhaps you have been struggling with great
amounts of weight for years. You have tried every diet known to
man, with limited success and then ultimate failure. So, your 10
year vision may be to weigh your ideal body weight, feel great,
look fantastic and be off all medications.

Do not allow doubts or limiting beliefs voice their opinion. If
you allow yourself to believe this can happen, you can make it


Now it’s time to break down that big vision; what will you have
accomplished in one year, three years and five years?

You have an ultimate 10-year vision, above. That is your
ultimate destination. Now is the time to create the rough plan
for how you will get there. Again, never mind what the limiting
thoughts say. What would you like to accomplish in these
milestone time frames? Examples may be that in one year you will
be walking every day, five to six days a week, for a total of at
least 60 minutes. Or maybe in a year you will be ready for a 5 K
walk/run race. Another example may be that in 1 year you will
have lost 10 pounds or are off your diabetic medication. Then
for three years and five years, allow yourself to open up and

Strategies and Tactics

What will your biggest challenges be? Determine these first,
then brainstorm how you can overcome these challenges. Then list
what it will take from you to make overcoming these challenges a
reality. What techniques will you use? List seven – these are
your strategies and the tactics you’ll use while using these

Examples of challenges may be; not enough time in your day, too
tired, can’t find anything you like to do, hate vegetables or
cooking from scratch. But, as you consider your challenges,
there are always strategies you can use to determine how to
overcome these challenges. A few examples are to find
pre-packaged foods that are low in fat and sodium but healthy
and tasty and add a salad or vegetable to it, join a health club
such as Curves, where you can run in and run out and fit in a
workout in just 30 minutes. Find a buddy to walk with at
lunchtime. Buy a stationary bike and put it in front of the TV.
Set up a vegetable challenge at work, where everyone can keep
track of how many veggies they eat each day, with a prize at the
end of the month for the person who is eating the most. What
else can you think of?

Next you have to address what tactics you will use to make these
strategies actually a reality. Come up with at least five for
each strategy, because there will always be times that the
situation will call for a different tactic to overcome the
challenge. A few examples are to tell your friends and family
that you are now walking every day after work, set up a back-up
plan when you can’t walk, or each time you go food shopping you
buy a new fresh, frozen or canned vegetable to try, not limiting
yourself to just one form of the food. Or buy a new cookbook and
commit to yourself to prepare one new, healthy meal per week, or
spend some time on websites such as to
research something new and healthy for the family. Again, I’m
sure you can come up with some tactics that sound good to you.

Values and Beliefs

Although your health may not be what you would like, this does
not mean you do not value health. You may value other things
more, though, or feel other things in life have taken priority
over health, and, before you know it, your health has suffered
as a result. What is meant by health values? To clarify, what
value do you put on health; yours or the health of others? If
you are reading this article, you probably do value health as
something to attain or maintain. If you are concerned with
maintaining your health, chances are it has held a high priority
for you through your life. Everyone has a different value of
health; for some, it may be the absence of disease, for others
it may reflect an inner calm and serenity. Some people may
consider health as physical or mental capacity or the weight
they are at. The belief may come from what you believe a
particular health condition (good or bad) represents. For
instance, some people may consider an ideal body weight as
health and something that represents inner strength or the lack
of health a weakness. For others, a sign of good health is a
healthy attitude towards life and others and themselves. None of
these values or beliefs are right or wrong; they are just how
you feel and what you believe.

List at least five personal values you have around your health
and life and the beliefs that go along with each value. Spend
some time on this, because many times people who are struggling
with health issues don’t want to address the true beliefs or
values around their health, which can be the biggest reason they
are unable to overcome conditions that limit achievement of a
particular health goal, such as losing weight.

Then answer these questions to see what areas need attention:
How do these values relate to your health? How are these values
reflected in the way you live currently? Are your values and
beliefs in sync with your lifestyle? Spend some time with these
questions and write down what you come up with.

Branding and Imaging

When friends and family think of you, how would you like them to
describe you and your health?When you consider what you would
like others to say about you when talking about health, are you
currently living up to that vision you have? If not, what needs
to change to become that person? How will you feel when you are
that person you imagine them talking about? How will you feel if
you do not become that person? List five things you would like
people to say about you and your health and lifestyle.

Action Plan

Now it’s time to create a real plan to make all of this happen –
your action plan. For those of you in business reading this, you
already knew what was coming. Do you see the parallels? Look at
your goals, and then ask yourself how you will plan to
accomplish those goals. Use your strategies and tactics as the
templates for your action plan. I have business clients create a
calendar from their strategies and tactics, setting up a
specific plan from month to month. You can do the same thing for
health goals. Set small goals on your calendar; maybe a goal of
walking five minutes every day, or avoid that morning doughnut
at least three days a week. You may have a goal that by the end
of the first month you are eating four servings of fruits and
vegetables a day; you can start by setting a goal of two
servings per day the first week, three servings per day the
second and third week, and then four servings by the 4th week.
Look at where you would like to be in a year, but then break
that year into more manageable chunks by looking at just one
month at a time and what you would like to have accomplished by
the end of that month. The purpose of an action plan is to make
what you need to do more real; to put legs on the ideas and
intentions you came up with earlier in the process. In other
words, how can you change from just thinking about what you
want, in the abstract, and make it something that really happens?

Budget and financing

All business plans must have a budget plan. What is necessary to
fund your new health plan? Can you do this on a small budget or
will it take a big financial commitment? How will you cover the
expenses your health plan will require? For some people,
bypassing certain expenditures, such as eliminating the morning
muffin at work can pay for the extra fruits and vegetables at
the market. Or avoiding an afternoon snack can add up to enough
to buy a new pair of walking shoes. Everyone can decide where
they want to prioritize how they will make health a priority and
how to make it fit not only their lifestyle, but also their

Many people envision a healthier day, someday. For those who
create a plan, and then develop strategies to stick to their
plan, tend to see success. As an example, read from participants
in the National Weight Control Registry, a group of over 5,000
people who have lost at least 30 pounds and have successfully
kept that weight off for at least one year, Reading some of these examples
proves that even if you have over 100 pounds to lose, it is
possible; you have to have the desire, the awareness that it
will take dedication and determination, and that you have to
create the strategies and plan to make it happen. Just as with
business, failure to plan results in planning for failure. Make
that plan and enjoy success this year!

About the author:

Marjorie Geiser is a nutritionist, registered dietitian,
certified personal trainer and life coach. Marjorie has been the
owner of a successful small business, MEG Fitness, since 1996,
and now helps other health professionals start up their own
private practice. To learn more about the coaching services
Margie offers, go to her website or email
her at

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