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Treatment for Lymphoma

It is logically difficult for someone who has just been diagnosed with lymphoma to truly understand the various treatment options available. It is a common knowledge that there are about 30 different kinds of lymphoma. Thus, there could be numerous treatment options available. A single type of the disease could call for a specific treatment option.

Medical supervision is absolutely a must following detection of lymphoma symptoms. You need to first ascertain how serious the condition is. Lymphoma, once detected, should be immediately and accordingly treated. Remember to take medical treatment as per your doctors advice. There are many options available, as mentioned, but there are several that usually stand out. There are four major types of lymphoma treatment available, namely, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell or bone marrow transplant, and antibody therapy.

Chemotherapy involves the administration or application of drugs as infusions into the veins of the patients. Chemotherapy could also be taken in the form of oral pills. The most common types of chemotherapy for lymphoma are R-CHOP, CHOP, and ABVD. On the other hand, radiotherapy uses high-energy light rays that are specially and strategically directed at the cancer cells targeted. This form of therapy could be delivered even over small body areas as in involved field radiation or over large areas as in extended field radiation.

Stem cell or bone marrow transplant uses high dosage of radiation or chemotherapy to specifically kill targeted cancer cells. The bone marrow is saved during the process through transplantation of a new one or through transplantation of stem cells. Lastly, antibody therapy, also known as biological therapy, uses specific drugs to target special molecules across the cancer cells surfaces.

Hodgkins lymphoma is often treated using radiotherapy and chemotherapy. The treatment options are usually based on the current stage of lymphoma and on several prognostic factors. Chemotherapy is more used in all patients regardless of stage. Radiation may be used only during the early stages of the condition.

There are almost 25 various kinds of non-Hodgkins lymphoma (NHL). Several of them behave differently compared to others. Treatment used depends on the specific type as well as observable behavior of the NHL. Chemotherapy is the most popular. Antibody therapy and/or radiation therapy may only be added to complement chemotherapy for additional benefits.

Home remedies could also be tried to cure this disease, especially after early detection. Such remedies should only be considered as secondary only to medical treatments against lymphoma. The best natural remedy is to strategically detoxify your body. To do so, you have to drink lots of water and fruit juices. Avoid intake of alcohol and caffeine. There are foods that enhance the detoxification process like carrots, beets, mushrooms, and broccoli. During the process strictly avoid consumption of sugars, saturated fats, and refined foods.

Fruits and vegetables could be best as natural treatments against lymphoma. These include pears, apples, parsley, and lettuce. These foods detoxify the body as well and at the same time aid quick cleansing of your bodys lymphatic system. Chinese herbs like codonopsis and ginseng could also be tried.

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Vital Symptoms of Lymphoma

The symptoms of lymphoma are very common in many other sicknesses, which is why you really have to be vigilant about your condition and consult a doctor whenever you feel like there is something wrong. It may actually take some time before you realize that you have this kind of sickness because during the first few days or weeks, you may not even feel that something has changed. If in doubt, do not hesitate and set an appointment with your doctor before you conclude anything and start looking for treatments.

These are the usual signs and symptoms of this kind of illness. Make sure that you dont easily panic once you perceive that you have two or more of these, because as stated above, most of these are also common in other kinds of disorders.

1. Losing weight rapidly. This can happen after some months and you will be surprised to lose about 15 pounds in a couple of months without doing anything. You will easily notice such change if you already have a modest weight and you are not limiting your food intake neither you are exercising regularly. This will be harder to determine and conclude that it is already a symptom to a sickness if you are really trying to lose weight.

In many cases, the weight loss occurs after you have lost appetite. This stage transpires when the illness has already grown and start spreading in your body. When you are starting to lose more than 10% of your ideal weight, you should be very concerned as to what is causing such and make sure that before your weight drop even lower, you have already sought the doctors help.

2. The most common and usually the first symptoms that you will encounter if you have this are lumps in the groin area, armpits and neck. These enlarged lymph nodes are painless and you may never notice these if you will not inspect your body thoroughly. These enlarged nodes cause the other signs that are included in this list, but these nodes can also be present if you have other kinds of illnesses.

3. When the nodes start to swell, you will experience fever that may last for some time. For example, for people who got what is called Hodgkin type of this illness, they will suffer from a fever that is referred to as Pel-Ebstein.

4. The cells that are infected with the disease secrete special chemicals that cause itchiness that will affect your whole body.

5. Some people experience excessive sweating at night. They usually get up with their bodies drenched in sweat without any specific reasons. This happens even when they are in a very comfortable situation and they really cant find any reason to sweat a lot.

There are other unusual symptoms that can be felt by people who are suffering from lymphoma, depending on where the sickness occurred. This can actually take place in any organ of the body and as the cancer cells grow bigger, the person who has this will feel weaker because the infected areas use more of the nutrients inside the body.

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