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Weight Loss And Better Clothing Options Go Hand In Hand

Weight Loss And Better Clothing Options Go Hand In Hand

Anyone who has ever been overweight, whether it’s a few extra pounds post pregnancy or injury or morbidly obese, knows the challenge associated with trying to find flattering clothing styles for their body type and size. To get the most choices in the styles you can wear well, never underestimate weight loss and better clothing options.

I have a friend who was overweight, about 100lbs overweight. She had a great marriage to a loving guy and when she finally got serious about losing weight she asked him a very loaded question (she knew it was a loaded question but was curious about how he would respond).

She asked her husband if he would still find her attractive physically when she lost her weight. I mean he obviously found her attractive when she was heavy but would he still when she was thinner? Of course, he said yes so she questioned him further: “how can you find me attractive when I’m thin and when I’m fat, it should be one or the other, shouldn’t it”?

I thought his answer was perfect. He said “honey, I love the way you look now, but weight loss and better clothing options go hand in hand so you will be able to wear some styles that may be a little sexier, and I will like that too” Wow, the guy got himself out of a pickle with that answer!

But it is true, when you are overweight and you have rolls no clothes fit you the way they are supposed to. You don’t have to be a stick figure but whenever you have excess fat and skin it just throws off the line of your clothes.

I’m not even talking about some of the ‘fashions’ that people will wear in a misguided attempt to camouflage their rolls. I’m just talking about the way clothes were made to fit and hang on the body can get completely distorted when that body has a lot of excess rolls and skin.

Until you get to the point where you have lost all your weight, there are some choices you can make that will help you look better during the process. Gone are the days of the muumuu and stretch pants, thank goodness. Today there are fashionable styles for anyone who has extra body fat.

The biggest rule to follow is to find clothes that are well fitted without being too baggy or too tight. A good fit is the most important thing to strive for. Don’t try to camouflage your rolls, you really won’t be fooling anyone. If you wear clothes that are too tight it will be like shining a spotlight on your least desirable features.

So, you know that the better shape you’re in the better you will look (not only in clothes but out of them as well) and that weight loss and better clothing options go hand in hand, but make sure that you also find clothes that are as flattering as possible to your shape while you are in the process of losing weight.

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Does Your Relationship Need Spiritual Awakening

Are you currently having a strained relationship? Is it getting more and more difficult as each day passes? Maybe you and your partner need spiritual awakening. What does it do? How do you submit yourselves to a spiritual awakening? Will this help rekindle the old flame of the relationship?

If you are going through this tough chapter of your marriage life, divorce or split ups is not always the solution. Perhaps, both of you need to take a hard, long look on what you have been doing for the past years.

Psychologist for clarifying emotions

Undergoing spiritual awakening can help a lot in restoring the old relationship like you were in the first stage of your marriage life. But before considering that step, couples that have rocky relationship can opt consulting a psychologist or a marriage counselor first. This is a must so to ensure that there was not any psychotic episode that is happening between them. It is also a good way for both parties to understand better what their relationship is going through.

Spiritual counselor for spiritual awakening

Since a psychologist handles on the emotional sides of the couple, it is not enough to help straighten out the trouble that the couple is going through. It is at this point that you need to have a separate consultation with a spiritual, mystic or psychic counselor. A psychologist will help the couple to clarify their thought processes and emotions but when it comes to paranormal and spiritual awakening, they would need a spiritual counselor, a psychic, or a mystic.

The counsel that these professionals will bring to the couple will help dig the better bead in determining the spiritual shortcomings of a person which is one of the factors that cause the strain to their relationship. The spiritual counselor can do things that will help bring out the inner experience that the person has gone through in the past and if the experience is causing the current rift with their partner.

A spiritual counselor, a mystic, or a psychic also has a special power that clarifies the unresolved issues that arose from their previous lives, divine awakening, or communication from someone from another dimension. It will not only help the person to understand better the experience that they were going through but will help to understand and accept what was happening to their partner.

By understanding and accepting, it means that there is a divine awakening happening between them, which are better because it would be a big help for the couple to save the relationship than to get it completely crushed. If the couple would face their spiritual shortcomings together, it would be easier for them to be closer and this time with more sincerity and meaning.

It is important though to remember that when the couple wants this spiritual awakening, there will be changes in their environment. This is because when one wants a spiritual change, they are resolving to be a better person. And by being a better person, it means they will start giving more time for meditations and reflections and lesser time for other worldly activities.

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