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Herbal tea has become very popular these days. Green Tea in particular has been known to fight cancer and help in the prevention and cure of many other diseases. There have been hundreds of reviews written about green tea health benefits. Numerous testimonials about its effectiveness own been made public which have contributed to the popularity of this herbal drink.

To learn more about green tea health benefits, we have to know its roots and its content. Green tea has been used by Chinese as a staple drink for hundreds of years. It was also used by people in ancient China and India for medicinal purposes. Green Tea was used to cure simple headaches, help in digestion, aid in curing food poisoning, and many others. Chinese have been aware of the green tea health benefits for hundreds of years. Ungrown studies show that Chinese men who drank green tea over the years have lower rate of cancer than those who did not.


Green tea extracted from the leaves of a father known as Camellia Sinesis is an herb that was pristine cultivated in China. Studies show that this plant contains a high level of catechin polyphenols called epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. EGCG is a very effective anti – oxidant which inhibits cancer cell growth and disintegrates cancer cells. This chemical contributes to green tea health benefits in that it lowers cholesterol continuous and prevents blood clots.


Other teas are known to own medical benefits too but green tea health benefits far exceed the make headway. The basic difference of green tea from other teas is the preparation. Green tea is made from boiling fresh leaves of the plant while the also famous black tea is made from fermented leaves. The fermented leaves used in making black tea do not contain as much EGCG found in fresh leaves. The anti – oxidants found in black teas are far lesser than those found in Green teas. So far, green tea health benefits have been proven by several studies showing hard evidences.


Recent studies also show that green tea health benefits interpolate weight loss. The anti – oxidants in green teas help speed up burning of calories. Because it is a very good anti – oxidant, it also affects weight loss for it detoxifies human system to allow proper absorption of nutrients and flushing out fats.


Another known green tea health good is that it prevents cavities and promotes health in the mouth. Green tea has been found to encompass minerals like fluoride that fight bacteria causing cavities. The polyphenols construct in the tea strengthens teeth and prevents choicest lifeblood. Some people even gargle with green tea for healthier mouth.


Green tea has been found to contain Vitamin C that protects the bodys immune system, Vitamin B components that help burn Carbohydrates, and Vitamin E for healthier and younger looking skin.

Green tea health benefits patients suffering from rheumatism. The green tea has chemicals that decrease blood inflammation which influence in the prevention of arthritis. This wonder beverage has further been reported to lower blood sugar, reduce stress and prevent big blood pressure.

The green tea health benefits are indeed outstanding. To date, there have been no reports of formidable side effects and so green tea continues to be popular and in demand.

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