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5 Steps To Healthy, Beautiful Long Hair

5 Steps To Healthy, Beautiful Long Hair
Marquetta Breslin

It is great to receive compliments for beautiful and healthy hair even though it may need a bit of care. The five steps that you should take to maintain the beauty of your hair are as follows:

The first step dealing with hair maintenance is to handle it with care. Some people comb in an unruly manner that may damage the hair surface or can even break it from the root. It is often damaged because of negligence and carelessness. You should detangle the hair first with fingers and then with wide-tooth comb to cause minimum damage to the hair. Further, you should replace things like metal barrettes and rough elastics with hair sticks and plastic clips.

Properly maintain your long hair and do not let your hairstylist shorten it against your will. Some stylists are habituated to cut the hair short, without any reason. Be on your guard and do not allow him to exercise his will.

Long hair needs special attention over its maintenance, as it is more porous and older. You should use gentle shampoo over it and avoid excessive use of conditioner, as it may hinder adequate cleansing. Deep protein treatment and use of moisturizers is good for long hair.

A healthy body ensures healthy hair growth. If you pay proper attention to a healthy diet and regular exercise, you are sure to have a beautiful and healthy hair as well.

Long hair adds to your look by offering myriad hairstyles that you cannot enjoy otherwise. Learn to carry it well. Further, you should carefully figure out damaged hair and trim it to have a purely healthy hair. Excessive use of blow-drier can mar the beauty of your long lustrous hair. Besides, chlorine and saltwater may damage it. Thus, a few helpful hair care tips aid to keep your hair long and beautiful.

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My name is Marquetta Breslin and I’m a professional hair braider with over 12 years of experiance. I own where I sell intructional hair braiding and weave DVDs teaching the world how to braid and weave.

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