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Spiritual Science As Applied To Medicine

Spiritual Science as applied to medicine is widely known as Anthroposophical medicine, and is being used by many physicians all over the world – more frequently in certain parts of Europe and North America. This methodology in medicine draws its practices and knowledge from the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, a founder and philosopher, who has founded the school of Anthroposophy.

Anthroposophy is a school of thought that relies on scientific approach in spiritual discernment. Anthroposophical medicine, despite its leanings to spiritual aspects, still relies on established facts and the systematic approaches to modern medicine. It uses fundamental principles in ancient medicine, such as Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. In a nutshell, it is a more holistic approach, which puts emphasis on the spiritual well being, as much as it does on the physiological one.

The systematic model of AM (Anthroposophical Medicine) relies on the “four-foldness” of being. This means that there are four parts of what decides the general condition of an individual. The first one is the physical body, which is the vessel. The life/etheric body, which is the same as the Chinese idea of chi, embodies the second, while the third level is the soul/astral body. Finally, the fourth one resides in the spirit. In this model, the physician ensures that all these four levels are put under careful scrutiny, and he applies his knowledge of modern medicine and spiritual science in their treatment both in separate levels and as a whole. AM physicians use diagnostic tools, but also rely on intuition and understanding of the patient’s psyche and overall personality. The medicine often used in AM is homeopathic and medicinal, which makes it non-toxic and less risky.

The only drawback is that there are side effects. These side effects are often referred to as the “healing crises”, which results to the temporary worsening of symptoms – such as fever, headaches, nausea, muscle soreness, and many others. This is in harmony with their belief that modern medicine suppresses illness, and not beneficial to a patient’s health in the long run. So the rule of thumb is to draw out the illness in order for the patient to get rid of it completely and thus, pave the way to complete recovery.

Anthroposophical medicine also relies on allied therapies, which include massage therapy, eurythmics (otherwise known as movement therapy). Eurythmics is the science and art of harmonizing our inner spiritual movements. Psychotherapy is another branch of allied therapies, which helps in dealing with sickness and disease on a psychological level. During the first visit, an AM physician makes it a point to educate the patient in the overview of Anthroposophy, since it’s impossible to make any progress with a treatment that involves the mind and spirit without the patient’s conscious awareness. This is in the form of questionnaires and instructional materials, which are given to the patient before the first stage of treatment.

While some fundamentalists in modern medicine have abhorred the practice and made conjectures that it is synonymous to “voodoo”, studies have shown promising results. Whatever the case, Anthroposophic medicine continues to improve our spiritual and physical well being, and is definitely here to stay.

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Fast Weight Loss Tips For Finding A Buddy

Many of the fast weight loss tips you hear from other dieters or on websites are good ones. But sometimes they leave out the biggest obvious tipeat less food and burn more calories. That, in a nutshell, is the only real way to lose weight. But something that can make it easier is going through it with a friend. Find a person whos trying to lose weight, and team up. If youre not going it alone but you have a partner striving for the same thing, youll get the support you need from your weight loss pal.

This is one of the more common fast weight loss tips, and one that can make losing weight easier, and even fun. To make it really work for you, though, be sure the person you choose to be your partner in weight loss is someone who really will be supportive. If you think that your friend who is always starting a diet, becoming discouraged and quitting might stick with it if youre doing it together, you might be surprised to find just how discouraging that person is toward your own efforts.

Find someone wholl likely be positive about it, unless youre set on recruiting this person and youre sure it wont derail you if that person gives up again. Many of the fast weight loss tips youll hear include finding a buddy, but dont talk much about what kind of buddy to find. Thats actually a pretty important thing to leave out, because the type of partner you find in your quest to lose weight will have a lot to do with whether you succeed or fail.

Another of the important fast weight loss tips for finding a weight loss buddy involves finding someone in almost the same situation as you. Unless you dont have very much weight to lose, its probably a good idea to find someone whos pretty much in the same boat as you are as far as how much weight he or she wants to lose. If you need to lose 50 pounds, teaming up with someone who wants to lose 10 might not be a good idea.

The best fast weight loss tips involve ways to stay positive and feel motivated. But if your buddy reaches his or her goal very quickly and you still have months to go, that doesnt do much for your self-esteem. Of course, if youre the type whos motivated by a challenge and that only makes you want to redouble your efforts to catch up with your buddys success, then maybe it can work for you.

If you can find a buddy you can exercise with or talk to you in person from time to time, youre more likely to stick with your plan. But even a virtual buddy can help by letting you email or chat with someone online whos dieting, too. Of all the fast weight loss tips out there, finding a buddy is one that can work for almost anyone.

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3 Steps you have to take to clear your

3 Steps you have to take to clear your acne and to get healthy, radiant skin
Seppo Puusa

And the best thing is that it’s practically free and you can get
significant results in just few days.

The key thing to understand is that acne is not a disease or
illness itself, but merely a reflection of the condition your
body is in. It’s a signal that something is wrong with your
body. Thus to cure your acne you have to address its cause.

Detailed explanation of the cause of acne is beyond the scope of
this article. But in a nutshell your body is out of balance.
Improper diet, pollution, chemicals in food, pharmaceutical
drugs, etc have exposed your body to more toxins that it can

Step 1 – detoxify

The first step to correct the situation is to help your body to
get rid of the toxins that are causing your acne in the first

The good thing is that your body does this automatically – once
you step out of the way. As a double-whammy benefit your body
will also clear your acne.

For your body to do its job you have to give it sufficient rest
and eliminate all harmful substances from your diet for a period
of 3 to 7 days. The most effective ways to do this are fasting
or so-called detox-diets.

Step 2 – topical treatment

While detoxing, you can help your body with topical treatments.
Your skin is one of the main organs for eliminating toxins from
your body. Different topical treatments help to keep the pores
in your skin open and toxins to leave your body faster. Topical
treatments can also kill the bacteria on your skin that lead to

Try to avoid chemicals that dry your skin and just block the
pores even further. Instead, try herbal steam baths or skin
brushing. Both are excellent ways to help your skin to expel
toxins. Sauna can also help you.

To kill the bacteria try some herbal lotions from your health
shop. Topical treatments are only complimentary to detoxing. So
don’t go overboard here.

Step 3 – towards healthier lifestyle

The last thing you should do is to gradually change your
lifestyle towards a healthier one. Detoxing and topical
treatments will clear your acne.

The purpose of this last step is to keep acne from coming back.
You should gradually work to eliminate unhealthy substances from
your life. Some examples of things you should avoid are: animal
flesh, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar.

It’s important to remember that it takes time to change your
lifestyle. So go easy on this one and work to eliminate one
substance at a time.

About the author:

Seppo Puusa publishes Natural Acne website. After
10 years of suffering from acne and having all the conventional
treatments fail him, he discover how to cure acne quickly,
effectively and practically free with natural means.

To discover how to have acne-free, healthy and radiant skin
practically for free in just few short days visit Natural-Acne-Solution.

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