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Raw Food Diet – Healthy or Not?

Raw Food Diet – Healthy or Not?
Deborah Wilson

Raw foodism is a way of eating that has grown in popularity in recent years. Celebrities such as Woody Harrelson, Carol Alt, and Alicia Silverstone have gone raw. So what’s the story? Raw foodists believe that cooking anything over 120 degrees destroys essential food enzymes needed for proper digestion.

So is it myth or fact that raw food is better for you? As with so many things, the jury is still out. Whenever you make drastic changes to your diet, it’s important make sure you’re receiving all the nutrients you need. Those who incorporate more raw food into their diets such as fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh juices, and raw nuts often see a huge improvement in overall health and well-being. It may not be necessary to be so extreme as to eat everything raw in order to reap the benefits.

If you decide to “go raw,” how far you decide to take your raw diet is up to you. Many people choose to eat their morning and afternoon meals raw and then eat a cooked dinner. Forget the fads and do what feels right to you. Adding more raw fruits and vegetables to your diet never hurt anyone.

As for the health benefits, proponents of the raw diet claim it can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve eyesight, heal skin problems such as eczema and psoriasis, and even aid in reversing chronic disease and cancer. While there is no research to back this up, more and more doctors and scientists are becoming interested in what raw food can do.

There are several great online raw food resources:

Health Diaries features blogs on the raw food diet. New raw foodists can read others’ diaries or start their own and track their progress.

Shazzie has been raw for several years. Her site features a blog, raw products, and several great before and after pics.

David Wolfe, the owner of, is a well-known raw foodist. On his site, you can purchase raw food products, books, and just about everything else related to raw food.

Through these sites you’ll discover many more raw resources. There’s a great online community just waiting for those who are looking to improve their health through the raw food diet.

About the Author

Deborah Wilson is a freelance writer specializing in health and wellness topics.

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Can Pizza Actually Be Healthy For You?

Can Pizza Actually Be Healthy For You?
Ryan Cote

This article may come as a surprise to you, especially if you
follow a healthy and nutritious diet…

It’s about pizza, the weakness of many people including me. I
love pizza- always have. I make sure I eat it in moderation, but
it’s still one of my favorite foods.

Now there’s good news for pizza lovers.

According to Men’s Health magazine, research concludes that
pizza can be good for you. It’s important to point out, however,
that we’re talking about real pizza- not the kind you get from
Pizza Hut, Dominoes or the frozen food section of your
supermarket. By real, I mean pizza made with real crust, real
tomato sauce and pure olive oil.

According to Men’s Health, scientists writing in the European
Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that eating pizza can reduce
your risk of a heart attack. In a 4-year study of nearly 1,000
Italians, those who ate pizza at least once a week were 30
percent less likely to experience a heart attack than the folks
who didn’t partake of the pie.

This is contributed to pizza’s cardio protective ingredients,
including olive oil and tomato sauce. And here’s a way to make
the pizza even healthier: top it with vegetables, part-skim
cheese and use whole wheat crust. You’ll then have a meal that
is actually good for you.

Can you get this kind of a pizza in a pizzeria? You might be
able to find some that offer whole wheat crust, but I doubt
you’ll find any that offer part-skim cheese. What you can do is
buy the ingredients at your local grocery store and make the
pizza yourself. Speaking from experience, this can be a fun

Enjoy the experience of making your own pizza and savoring a
nutritious meal. After all, feeding your body with nutritious
meals is the number one thing you can do for better health.

About the author:

Ryan Cote is the owner of, a website
supplying aging
products and a free 4-day health e-mail course, and, home of the anti-aging product,
Get Healthy!

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