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CO-Q10 for a Healthy Heart

CO-Q10 for a Healthy Heart
D & D @ True Healthy Living

Coenzyme Q10 (also known as Co-Q10, Vitamin Q or ubiquinone) is
a compound that is made naturally in the body. It is also found
in all living organisms and most foods contain traces of it as
well. The highest amounts are found in the heart, liver,
kidneys, and pancreas, with the lowest amounts found in the
lungs. It is needed for the proper functioning of enzymes (thus
the reason for the name “coenzyme”) that are necessary for
chemical reactions throughout the body. Coenzymes are a sort of
energy sparking catalyst for the cells of the body.

Our bodies could not survive without energy producing Co-Q10.
It’s a necessary nutrient needed for the proper functioning of
every cell. Without it we would not have enough cellular energy
to fuel the physiological reactions we need to survive. As a
powerful antioxidant, it also protects the body from free
radical damage that can damage important parts of the cell.
Several small studies have even shown a benefit for some
cancers, possibly because of its immune enhancing effects.

The heart requires the most Co-Q10, calling for a constant
supply of energy to pump blood throughout the body. Numerous
studies have shown that Co-Q10 can support the cardiovascular
system when dealing with such issues as mitral valve prolapse,
hypertension, cardiomyopathy, irregular heartbeat, angina and
high blood pressure.

Since Coenzyme Q10 assists the body on a cellular level,
sufficient stores of this nutrient are needed to fight off
illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s
disease. Having enough Co-Q10 ensures that you can retain proper
muscle function and overall stamina.

This important nutrient is easily depleted by stress, age,
illness, exercise, and some drugs. Along with blocking the liver
mechanism that manufactures cholesterol, cholesterol-lowering
drugs, like Lipitor, Zocor and Pravachol (also known as statins)
block the production of Coenzyme Q10. Other drugs such as
antidepressants and beta blockers also deplete this important

Co-Q10 is essential for the functioning of every cell in our
bodies. Again, without it we could not survive. When it drops,
so does our cardiovascular health, our immunity and general
health. When Co-Q10 levels are boosted, so is our immune systems
response. Therefore, taking a look at Co-Q10, may assist you in
reversing cardiovascular disease, symptoms of fatigue or
generally in enhancing the immune system and fending off

Coenzyme Q10 is a boost to overall health. An aid for…TRUE

About the author:

Due to personal health issues we have been researching health &
fitness for the last five years. The information we have
obtained has helped us and our family members get off
pharmaceutical drugs and regain a level of health we had never
known. Please visit us at

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3 Steps you have to take to clear your

3 Steps you have to take to clear your acne and to get healthy, radiant skin
Seppo Puusa

And the best thing is that it’s practically free and you can get
significant results in just few days.

The key thing to understand is that acne is not a disease or
illness itself, but merely a reflection of the condition your
body is in. It’s a signal that something is wrong with your
body. Thus to cure your acne you have to address its cause.

Detailed explanation of the cause of acne is beyond the scope of
this article. But in a nutshell your body is out of balance.
Improper diet, pollution, chemicals in food, pharmaceutical
drugs, etc have exposed your body to more toxins that it can

Step 1 – detoxify

The first step to correct the situation is to help your body to
get rid of the toxins that are causing your acne in the first

The good thing is that your body does this automatically – once
you step out of the way. As a double-whammy benefit your body
will also clear your acne.

For your body to do its job you have to give it sufficient rest
and eliminate all harmful substances from your diet for a period
of 3 to 7 days. The most effective ways to do this are fasting
or so-called detox-diets.

Step 2 – topical treatment

While detoxing, you can help your body with topical treatments.
Your skin is one of the main organs for eliminating toxins from
your body. Different topical treatments help to keep the pores
in your skin open and toxins to leave your body faster. Topical
treatments can also kill the bacteria on your skin that lead to

Try to avoid chemicals that dry your skin and just block the
pores even further. Instead, try herbal steam baths or skin
brushing. Both are excellent ways to help your skin to expel
toxins. Sauna can also help you.

To kill the bacteria try some herbal lotions from your health
shop. Topical treatments are only complimentary to detoxing. So
don’t go overboard here.

Step 3 – towards healthier lifestyle

The last thing you should do is to gradually change your
lifestyle towards a healthier one. Detoxing and topical
treatments will clear your acne.

The purpose of this last step is to keep acne from coming back.
You should gradually work to eliminate unhealthy substances from
your life. Some examples of things you should avoid are: animal
flesh, dairy products, caffeine, alcohol, tobacco and sugar.

It’s important to remember that it takes time to change your
lifestyle. So go easy on this one and work to eliminate one
substance at a time.

About the author:

Seppo Puusa publishes Natural Acne website. After
10 years of suffering from acne and having all the conventional
treatments fail him, he discover how to cure acne quickly,
effectively and practically free with natural means.

To discover how to have acne-free, healthy and radiant skin
practically for free in just few short days visit Natural-Acne-Solution.

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Why are most people in the Western World Unhealthy?

Why are most people in the Western World Unhealthy?
Warren Matthews

I’m going to attempt to shed some shed some light as to why the majority of the population is overweight and in less than optimum health. I won’t bore you with a whole lot of facts as you have probably heard most of them before, particularly those relating to obesity.

Observe the Evidence:

I am sure that you have observed the evidence of the extent of general poor health yourself…first hand. If
you haven’t already done so, next time you are in a shopping mall sit down for 10 minutes and consciously observe the outward health of the people passing by you.

Look at whether they are overweight, observe their skin for clarity and firmness, take note of the way they
move…are their movements effortless and appear to have energy to spare, or are they sluggish as if they are
carrying a burden? Also look at their eyes… are they bright, clear and alert?

I think that you know what the results of a personal survey such as this will reveal! It will show that the MAJORITY of the people that pass by you will either be overweight or have other outward signs of less than optimal health.

I am not being judgmental of these people because many of them are in this condition primarily as a result of
being fed misinformation through the media by either misguided authorities or commercial interests. Before
I expand on this I should mention that a certain number of these people are nevertheless 100% to blame for
their condition.

They know they are doing harmful things to their body and health.

But, what about the rest of the unhealthy group who are in this condition primarily due to being fed a constant stream of misinformation!

These can be placed into just a few general categories:

1. Psychological.

There is a constant barrage of ‘pill’ advertising which we are subjected to every day. Consider the influence
that this has on the general population. If you were to believe the advertismentss and ignore the side effect warnings it would be quite easy to get the impression that there is a ‘Magic pill’ solution for most ailments.

Added to this are the constant news releases that talk about new medical discoveries such as being able to
grow replacement organs when your own wear out, and don’t forget about the ‘promising’ research for other
new ‘miracle’ drugs just over the horizon.

All these influences combined with a ‘busy’ society looking for a quick and easy ‘fix’, it is no wonder that so many people are quite ‘slack’ when it comes to taking care of their
bodies…particularly on the inside.

2. Dietary Advice.

The food pyramid that is recommended people adhere to, haslargely been discredited scientifically but continues to be pushed. Also, an obsession has developed in which people
are constantly advised to reduce their fat intake.

The ‘official’ line is that saturated animal fats are bad for you and you should avoid butter etc, etc… People believe that if you eat saturated fat you will become fat, or if you eat foods containing cholesterol such as eggs you will raise your cholesterol levels, and so on.

The reality is quite different but I do not have the space to examine this further right now. But just as a quick
illustration take cholesterol. 80% of your blood cholesterol is manufactured by your liver. In other words only 20% is from dietary sources. So, if you reduced your intake of cholesterol by 25% it would only impact on your overall cholesterol by 5%.

By people accepting the ‘official’ no fat line they turn to alternatives such as margarine and other vegetable
oil substitutes. What they are not aware of is that most of these substitutes, which are derived from vegetable oils, are in fact hydrogenated because otherwise they would be liquid at room temperature.

This involves treating the oils and the resulting substance is much, much more harmful than butter could ever be. A
future article will discuss the subject of oils and fats.

The official dietary guidelines virtually ignore the incredibly harmful impact of processed foods and sugar on
the human body. They also ignore the fact that the normal western diet is seriously lacking in essential nutrients, which translate to imbalances and poor health.

3. Mystery.

We all know that the human body is an amazingly complex ‘vehicle’. No one fully understands all the interactions
that are taking place within it every second throughout your lifetime.

This includes the medical profession along with the pharmaceutical industry, evidenced by the ongoing removal
from the market of drugs which have been approved and considered to be safe and afterwards found not to be.

Nonetheless, many people place far too much reliance on the medical profession. Apart from using the medical profession for important tests to find out the internal health of your body so you can make corrections in your lifestyle habits if required, you should never have to visit a physician.

Now, I understand and appreciate that this is not the case for the vast majority of people. I just want to
make the point that other than routine check ups if you need to visit the Doctor it means you have damaged your
body in some way and are seeking a repair.

Your body is not like a car when it comes to repair issues. When you try to repair your body through the use of
pharmaceutical drugs you run a serious risk of starting a cascade effect which will bring on other health problems
in the short or longer term.

In Summary

If you want to live a life of vibrant health and energy take a close look at your attitude to health and consider
honestly if you are working towards removing as much as possible the mystery of how your body works. Realize that there is no quick and easy medical ‘fix’ for most ailments as a single ailment is often merely one small symptom of other underlying problems that cannot be effectively dealt with in isolation…in the long term.

Try to eliminate as much as possible, your intake of manufactured and processed foods and avoid drinking sodas, and tap water. If you are overweight be particularly vigilant about avoiding sugars in any form…they are much more damaging to your weight objectives than fat.

In good health,

Warren Matthews
Editor In Chief

XTEND-YOUR-LIFE presents you with timely health information to
show you how to take better care of yourself…and your loved ones.
A FREE subscription is available by signing up at …

About the Author

Warren Matthews is the Editor-In-Chief
of Xtend-Your-Life, a FREE Newsletter
designed to help you tak control of
your health. Available at…

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