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Spiritual Warfare: Shield And Save Your Faith

When your faith is being attacked by negative forces, what do you do to shield and save it from becoming crushed? Do you know how to approach these factors, such as poverty, tragedy, sickness, and accidents, so that your faith will respond better in the sense that it wouldn’t easily stumble to the ground? A spiritual warfare is very important to counter the bad sides of these forces.

By arming yourself with this warfare, you will be able to respond more responsibly against these negative forces in the way that your faith is not getting pulled down. In the bible, it is always said that there will be many forms of satanic forces that will take advantage of the weaknesses of the people. These forces will come by smallest to biggest form.

Sometimes it would be in the most unnoticeable form that you wouldn’t know you are being attacked unless you have a strong spiritual warfare within you. The devices that these negative forces will use are usually those that cause many of us troubles and without being aware of this fact, we always tend to easily blame God for the problems that come our way.

To attack these devices, a strong faith is always a must. The people were created after the image of God and it is for this reason why the enemy doesn’t like us. And the attacks that this enemy is forcing upon the humankind are so strong that many of us don’t really see them behind those. It is normal for the people to be unconscious of what was really happening at the back of the scenes of their lives.

But then, this is just another attempt of the enemy to hide to the people the fact that they were being misled into the wrong path. Being a part of life though, one has no choice but be ready to shield against the darts thrown upon them. Whether knowledgeable or not, these darts will continue to make people weak until they give in and get fooled by the desires of the enemy.

But God has always been prepared. That is why He has all kinds of words that form the spiritual warfare within us the people. Now, it is up to the people how to use that warfare deep within them so that the enemy would not end up triumphant. The words of God, the faith, and the whole armor that God gave the people will save us from those attacks.

People can never stop the fiery darts from coming, but with the help of those weapons they can be stopped from cursing a lasting effect. Any plans of the enemy will not succeed if by faith, people know how to repel them.

If you have doubt about your own faith, you can just think of the Lord Jesus and how He was able to stand so strong to see what was really happening behind Satan’s power of suggestion. He was always quick to respond against the attacks and repel their effects. He was always armed with spiritual warfare that we, as humans, could use too to avoid getting defeated by the enemy.

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Spiritual Living Abundantly

All of us want it and yet most of us are bowed down because of the lack of it. Living abundantly, for those who found it, does not take much. All it takes are simple measures that would not cost anything aside from a change in attitude. Honesty and goodwill does it while for the most times, fear of poverty hinders it. Here are proven practical steps:

Give. It is so ironic that people who give are those who have more. It is not true that those who are able to give can because they live on excess, as most people believe. On the contrary, people who give attracts powers in the universe (unbelievable though it may sound) to have more for them to give more. When giving is practiced, without expecting any in return, the person ultimately lives abundantly. Attracting the power of receiving is done through the practice of giving.

This is not easy, because if it is, everyone would have been living abundant lives by now. People who refuse the gift of being able to give have closed fists if you will and are miserable. This is why they are called misers. People who give are raised several notches more, they are happy. They also get the cooperation of everyone around, they get the reputation of being trusted, of being good hearted, and so the opportunity keeps pouring in.

Be Honest. Being honest goes beyond telling the truth. Being honest, is freeing the mind of encumbrances that slows people down. Dishonesty severs relationships and builds the image of untrustworthiness putting other people off. When that happens, opportunities get less, cooperation with other people is not achieved, loneliness sets in, more than that, there is confusion in the mind that affects even the simplest of better judgment further eroding the persons capabilities. In today’s world where everything is measured in cents and dimes, honesty is rare. Because it is, honesty is a very valuable asset. Honest people have clearer minds, better dispositions and could spot opportunities, not traps, whenever there is one.

Believe that there is enough for everyone. Scientists agree that the resources of the world could sufficiently provide even when the current world population is tripled. That is more than enough. The most successful people are people who recognized this and came up with ideas to harness the world’s resources to work for them. Everyone can.

Be Grateful. Gratefulness is recognizing that you have what you have and pleased to have it. It breeds contentment that enables you to move forward. When you are not pulled back by resentment, you move faster onward. Focusing on the good things in your life is focusing on the achievements that you otherwise would not have made. Focusing on positive things also relieves the mind of anger that have always resulted to having less or not being contented that results to greed which is more deadly. Gratefulness relaxes the mind.

When the mind is relaxed there is peace. If there is peace the person is better prepared to think of better ideas. Positive thoughts are energies. Energies attract the same energy. Positivity attracts the positive. Then you live more abundantly.

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