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Weight loss and self-esteem are like the scales of justice, as one side goes down the other side goes up. Usually, the more weight you lose, the higher your self esteem goes up.

No one should think that they have to be ‘perfect’ whatever that means anyway. Perfect is an impossible standard to have, or to achieve, no one is perfect. Even all the ‘perfect’ super models and actresses you see on t.v. aren’t so perfect if you would see them without their makeup and flattering lighting.

Just find the weight that is perfect for you and your body type. Once you have set realistic goals for yourself, stick with a program that will give you every chance of attaining those goals.

I have a friend who is getting married in the spring. She wants to lose about 60 lbs. by then. She has given it a lot of thought and has set a ‘start date’. She plans on starting an exercise routine and a healthier eating plan starting on that date and continuing for the rest of her life.

By gearing up to make these changes in her life, she is allowing herself to get her head around the whole thing. That will greatly increase her chances of success. Since she has a clear and realistic game plan and a reasonable time frame, she will almost assuredly meet her weight loss goals.

She has also enlisted the help of friends to accomplish this goal. Fortunately for her, some of her closest friends are work out nuts so they can help her and bolster her when she hits a rough patch, which she probably will.

Even after just having lost a few pounds, you can already see a significant boost in her self esteem. It’s more than just the fact that she has lost a few pounds, it’s also about the fact that she has set a goal for herself and slowly but surely she is accomplishing that goal.

Being able to set a goal and see that goal met is extraordinarily fulfilling. It can really make you feel great about yourself above and beyond just the physical changes you can see in the mirror or feel in your clothes.

This is why weight loss and self-esteem can be such a powerful combination. It really is a two for one: you become better looking and you are able to set and meet a goal for yourself. Both of those things on their own can be incredibly powerful, when you combine them the benefit can go up exponentially.

If you want to see the benefits of weight loss and self-esteem increase for yourself, just set a weight loss goal, make a plan, find a friend or two to help you along the way, and go for it. Do not make it harder than it needs to be by setting yourself up for failure with unrealistic expectations. Take it slow and steady and you will get where you want to be.

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How Can I Lose Weight In A Day Or Two

How Can I Lose Weight In A Day Or Two

I am often asked how can I lose weight in a day or two. Usually the person asking has an important date and knowing that she could do with losing a couple of pounds, decides it needs to go immediately.

Epoch you can lose some weight in the space of a day or two, it is rarely long lasting. Given the very limited time frame, you are one going to lose excess water. If you really need to be slimmer for a particular occasion, it would exemplify much easier to follow a couple of telling tips such in that impudence properly, cutting down on carbohydrates ( temporarily one shot ) and giving up alcohol and fizzy drinks for 48 hours.

Dressing properly will allow you to look a lot slimmer than you are. Most people who are trying to lose some weight will wear clothes that are too tight thus emphasising rather than hiding the doubt. Get your undergarments sorted out first. Get fitted for a bra by a professional as over 50 % of women wear the wrong size. Next invest in a pair of spanx or similar hosiery. Just in case you are not familiar with this product, they are a form of hold it in and up pants. A lot of skinny celebrities are huge fans. Pop them yourself to see why. Proper underclothes will help you look like you lost a number of pounds. Follow the underclothes with an outfit that emphasizes your good points and takes the focus away from the problem areas.

Configuration independent carbohydrates for the twenty four hours before your special date. This will help to prevent bloating hence making you show slimmer. You can fill up on fruit, vegetables and lean meat or fish. Also cut visible alcohol and fizzy drinks as both can also cause bloating never mind filling you with empty calories.

For longer term weight loss and to prevent future how can I lose weight in a day or two moments, you need to change the way you eat. You should always eat breakfast. Studies have shown that people are more likely to gain weight if they skip this vital meal.

You should eat slightly more protein and include it in every meal. I am not suggesting that you eat large amounts of protein as it can be very damaging to your kidneys and other internal organs. But a little extra will help you lose weight as protein helps to regulate sugar rushes.

You should eat more good fats and cut out the bad ones. Get used to itemizing the food labels on everything you eat. Try to cook more at home and rely less on pre – packaged meals. These tend to have added salt and sugar either to make them taste better or last longer. Cut down on the obvious culprits such as biscuits, sweets and cakes although an odd dame of conspicuous you really fancy will not cause a problem.

Cut about asking how can I lose weight in a day or two and concentrate on making your diet and lifestyle a healthier one.

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True Tips About The 3 Day Tuna Diet

Are you desperately looking for the fastest way you can find to knock off a quick 10 to 15 pounds or more? You have that fancy dance just around the corner and you just have to fit into that slinky size 6 black dress; you just bought. You have heard about the 3 day tuna diet and believe its just what youre looking for. Hold on there are some things you need to know before jumping on that diet.

Its very true the three day tuna diet has fast become one of todays favorite crash diets. Many people think that because the time frame of the diet is short there is no health risk. The truth is that when people use this type of low calorie diets they are adversely affecting their metabolism. Essentially this means that by using this diet you are setting yourself up for later weight gain and very possibly more weight than you lost.

One of the primary reasons that this diet isnt healthy is because it is essentially a starvation diet. If you add up all the calories allotted for a days meal you only get 978. Eating this few calories will put you in starvation mood within the first day.

You will know when your body begins starvation mood soon after beginning the three day tuna diet. You will begin to feel sluggish and not want to do activities you normally would. You will begin to feel cold no matter how many blankets you use. In some cases people have reported dreaming about food and having food dancing in front of them when awake. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms your body is probably in starvation mood.

In addition the 3 day tuna diet has such a low calorie count that it is close to being a VLCD, or very low calorie diet. This diet gives the illusion of lasting for three days. The truth is you are on and off the diet for a full month.
For the most part the foods that you eat on the three day tuna diet arent balanced and therefore will most likely not help you lose any permanent weight. You are allowed some small amounts of fish and chicken, some peanut butter, a few vegetables and an apple for dinner. If you consider that, you then end your day with ice-cream; you can clearly see this is not a healthy diet choice.

You need to be aware the refined carbohydrates, which make up a large portion of the three day tuna diet have very little if any nutritional value. Food cravings are increased when you have so few calories but have breads and sugars. The reason for this is that there is a hike in the production of insulin when we eat these carbs.

When you decide to use low calorie diets like this diet you are setting yourself up for food cravings. Even if you do make it through the three days every week, you are likely to consume unhealthy foods during the four day period, in which you are free to eat what you want. Studies done as far back as the 1970s, show that the average dieter will ultimately gain up to eight pounds in the weeks after the diet.

There are various diets that are geared towards weight loss. Some of these diets can be good ways to lose weight while others focus on eliminating healthy foods and calories. The 3 day tuna diet may drop pounds in the beginning but in the end you will most likely gain the weight back you lost and more.

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