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Laser Face Lift Takes Off The Years

Hey, we all get older, and sometimes we just don’t love the way we start looking as we age. For anyone who wants to tighten up their face a little bit, but isn’t quite ready for a full fledged face lift, a laser face lift might be just the thing.

Most people will start off using some creams and gels to try and smooth out their face a little bit. If you are just beginning to show some signs of aging, this may be all you need.

Some people will start using products like Botox or Restylane or chemical peels. All of these products have their pros and cons. Many people find the idea of putting such toxic things like Botox into their body more than a little disturbing.

The laser face lift will usually give you greater benefits than creams or injections but not quite as much as you would get with a surgical alternative.

The doctor will use a laser to increase the production of collagen so you get new skin more quickly.

There are several benefits to using this method over other forms of face sculpting:

1.The first, and most obvious, is that this procedure is not surgery. Since it is not a surgical procedure you won’t need anesthesia (which is often one of the biggest causes of complications) and there are no incisions which can lead to infections.

Since the laser can help tighten the outer layers of skin there can be a fairly noticeable and significant decrease in the level of wrinkles and sagging skin.

2. A full face lift is quite painful and takes a long time for recovery. It will usually be a month or more before you will be back to normal. There is often a great deal of swelling and bruising so you will need to take a lot of time off of work (unless you want people to see you like that).

With a laser procedure you will only have a little bit of redness that will fade quickly. The pain is also much less in most cases. Some irritation and soreness may occur at the site of the procedure but will fade quickly and in most cases the pain is minimal.

3. Since this is a much less expensive and invasive procedure, many people will actually opt to have this done sooner than they would a traditional face lift. For that reason, many people will actually have the procedure done before a lot of the worst skin damage shows up.

Even though you may still need or want some other treatments in the future, this laser procedure can really make a difference for most people. No, it isn’t the same as a face lift, but it can provide greater results than various creams and injections with far less cost than a surgical procedure… the best of both worlds.

If you are ready to go for it, or just want to know more about it, start with your own dermatologist. They can tell you all you need to know so you can decide if a laser face lift is the best option for you.

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Face Lift Tape – DIY To Look Younger

There are more alternatives to expensive and potentially dangerous face lift procedures all the time. There are creams, gels, lasers, mini face lifts and there is even something called face lift tape. Many celebrities have been using this method for years, though they’ve kept this their own little secret.

Using this tape can help firm up your jawline and remove the signs of wrinkles and sagging skin. Many people swear that this method will take years, or up to 10 years, off your face.

This method is very affordable and can easily be done at home. It only takes a few minutes which is another reason this method is so popular with many people. Even though this is a very inexpensive and easy alternative to a face lift, don’t underestimate the results you can get.

In order to keep the tape hidden from view, there is a specific way you should apply it. When you are applying the tape, you need to pull the ends back and fasten them behind the head.

If you don’t have just the right hairstyle you won’t be able to adequately camouflage the tape. This is one of the drawbacks of using this kind of tape: limited hair style options.

Applying the tape to your skin, especially for extended periods of time can be uncomfortable all the way up to painful. For the most part, this product is best used for only short periods of time.

You may also find that the adhesive on the tape can cause redness and sometimes even irritation. If you have any allergies to adhesives you will want to make sure and check out your reaction to using the tape (just use the tape on a small inconspicuous spot to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction).

To a point this tape may seem like a wonder “drug” but there are some drawbacks, such as the ones listed above. The point is, there are many options available. You need to try all the options you can to find the best option for you.

Most people are very hesitant to go completely for a full face lift, this is a very extreme surgery that can have a lot of potential dangers and side effects.

Using various methods such as creams, gels, and tape will allow you to explore various options so you can find which one is the best one for you.

Face tape may not be the neatest and newest way to make yourself appear younger, it’s probably been around longer than many of the people who are reading this article, but it can still be effective for some people for a short term fix.

As I stated above, the most important thing to remember when you are on a hunt to find the perfect product or procedure to help you freshen your look, whether it be with face lift tape or something else, it is that there are a lot of options available. Find the best one for you.

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