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Weight Loss Pills The Dangers Of The Easy Way

Weight Loss Pills The Dangers Of The Easy Way

Weight loss pills are the fad today. People world wide are trying to find ways to quickly lose weight. In the US alone, 70 million men and women search for diet pills and other easy and affordable weight reduction drugs.

Several studies have been made to test different weight loss pills available in the market. Some studies show that two of the most effective herbal weight loss pills are those that contain green tea extracts and bitter orange. Green tea is popular for the natural antioxidants found in them. Antioxidants get rid of toxins and burn calories and fats. Bitter oranges are citrus fruits that have been used by traditional Chinese herbalists for medical purposes. This fruit contains different chemicals including synephrine which is said to be effective chemical that can promote weight loss.

There are hundreds of weight loss pills being sold to public without government health clearances. This poses great danger to health and may even result in mortality. Wight loss pills effectiveness may be popular. However, everyone should also be aware that taking supplementary diet pills are risky and may even be fatal.

Health experts still strongly recommend natural weight loss programs instead of speeding up weight loss by using weight loss pills. According to a consultation with a doctor, the herbal weight loss pills available in the market today may cause severe damage to kidneys because the dosage on the pill may not be controlled or regulated.

Several occasions of lung and kidney failures have been reported as side effects of weight loss pills. There have been reported cases of heart attacks, strokes and even death. Unknown to many people, some natural ingredients found in herbal weight loss pills contain chemicals that might cause death.

There was a time when herbal diet pills became popular in the US. People were looking for a supplementary food that will increase energy and help them lose weight. Ephedra became famous for this. Ephedra or otherwise called Sea Grape or Ma Huang, is a shrub that is a main ingredient of most weight loss pills during 1990s. Since it was sold and marketed as a natural supplementary diet pill, people thought it was safe.

Several years after Ephedra came out in the market, the Federal Drug Agency (FDA) received reports Ephedra can cause heart attacks and death. Since FDA had limited powers, the only thing the agency was able to do is to recommend a sign on the packages stating that the product should be discontinued after 7 days of use.

In 2003, an American athlete died after working out. Steve Bechler was a pitcher for Baltimore Orioles. Steve was using pills that contained Ephreda. Soon after that, US government banned the sale of weight loss pills that contained Ephedra.

This is just one of the many reported issues related to weight loss pills. There are different ways to lose weight. Weight loss pills are no substitute to a healthier diet, regular exercise and enough sleep. Do not take the easy way of losing weight and get in trouble. Lose weight the healthier way and enjoy life.

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