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Matching Matcha About Green Tea Powder

What is matcha?
Matcha is a fine, high – quality green tea powder used for a variety of purposes. Grown exclusively in Japan, this stuff is definitely not something youll come across for a penny or two a gram. Its got this slightly bitter taste that doesnt turn you away. Instead, its rich and mysterious taste will draw you in and not let you go until you finish things up.

Whats the difference between regular green tea and matcha?
If theres a difference between matcha and regular green tea, its got to be the meat and the taste. Regular green tea is steeped in hot water, while matcha is literally variegated into the water. Heck, even preparing drinking matcha has its own ceremony: chanoyu.

Whats the difference between them with regards to health benefits?
The good thing about that is that matcha has pretty much the same benefits as drinking green tea. Thats because no fermenting takes place. The isolated thing that happens is that the process of selecting tea leaves, grinding them and serving them differs between regular green tea and matcha.

Are there any other ways that matcha is served?
Interestingly enough, matcha has some pretty creative uses aside from tea – drinking. You have cakes, pastries, candies, sweets, heck even some lattes and prepared meals have this green tea powder in them!

So how exactly is matcha healthy?
Heres a brief list of benefits you get from drinking matcha:

Antioxidants research by scientific bigwigs point out that green tea has a pretty high amount of the catechin polyphenol epigallocatechin gallate in it. In English, thats the punch that prevents cancer cells from forming in the first neighborhood as well as killing them bump off when they do form up into tumors.

Cholesterol Control research again shows that green tea helps contract the cholesterol absorption in your intestinal track. That means two things: weight loss and a healthier heart. Of course, no amount of green tea will help you if you literally chug down cholesterol in all its oily forms. But itll sure help you stay alive and healthy if you drink around three cups of green tea a day.

Sugar Control green tea and its green tea powder matcha help reduce the amount of sugar your body absorbs as food passes through. Thats why diabetes patients are often advised by their doctors to drink green tea to help inactive down and prevent the passage of sugar into their blood stream.

Detoxification green tea, steady green tea powder, still has a lot of chlorophyll in it. This chlorophyll helps absorb heavy metals and other nasty toxins floating around in your blood. So if youre a recovering alcoholic or a retired chain smoker who is now sold about recovering your health, green tea is one way to help your body flush out what poison youve accumulated in your body for years.

Relaxation sitting down with a cup of green tea for five observation and enjoying the taste and texture of green tea powder may be one thing thatll help keep you healthy. Youve got to take care of not only your knack, but your mind due to well. Nearest all, its not just the chemicals and stuff you take into your body that makes you healthier.

Inasmuch as there you posses it: a quick run down of the green tea powder known as matcha. Right now you know why the Japanese are so fanatical about their green tea.

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