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Using The Subway Calorie Counter To Lose Weight

The sandwich chain ‘Subway’ has marketing itself in such a way that it is a healthy alternative to fast food. For this reason the Subway calorie counter is looked upon very highly for anyone wanting to lose weight. When you order a low fast option from Subway you have a choice between seven 6 inch subs that have 350 or fewer calories and less than 6 grams of fat.

The low calorie sub options include: turkey, ham, ham and turkey, oven roasted chicken breast, veggie delight, turkey club and roast beef. Then there is the sweet onion teriyaki chicken sub that is just over the calorie count at 370 calories but has just 5 grams of fat, so still a very good choice – and my personal favorite.

One mistake that some people make is that they think all Subway subs are low calorie and that they can order anything they like from the menu. Not all of the subs are low calorie and there are some you should avoid if you are dieting such as the 6 inch tuna sub that has 530 calories and 31 grams of fat – and that is before you add any sauces or mayonnaise.

Subway also has some hot subs that should also be avoided if you are dieting. The 6 inch toasted chicken parmesan, the toasted bacon and chicken ranch and the toasted meatball marinara all come in at 500 calories. The meatball sub has 24 grams of fat.

You also need to keep in mind the size of the sub that you order. Subway has the 6 inch subs and the foot long subs and the foot long subs are double the size and double the calories of the 6 inch subs.

Something else that you should watch out for on the Subway calorie counter is the double versions of subs. For example, the double meat turkey sub has 340 calories while the regular version has just 280 calories, so by ordering the double version you are increasing your calorie intake.

With Subway subs you also get to choose the type of bread you want for your sub and this can also make a difference to the number of calories. The white bread sub has 190 calories by itself but if you choose one of the deluxe breads – honey oat and parmesan oregano – this will increase the calories by 50 – 60 calories.

When you add cheese to the sub it also increases the calories. Cheese is a standard ingredient on the subs however it is represented separately on the Subway calorie counter and will add another 40 to 50 calories on a 6 inch sub.

Mayonnaise is another big calorie addition and it can add 110 calories for a normal serving while some condiments such as mustard has barely any calories.

If you are having Subway for breakfast you also need to choose wisely. The breakfast subs range from 270 to 510 calories and you are best to stick to the egg and cheese on a deli roll or perhaps the honey mustard and ham on a deli roll. You want to stay right away from a sub such as the chipitole steak and cheese on a 6 inch roll as that is on the higher end of the calorie scale.

Subway also sell other foods including cookies, chips and sodas which all come high in calories so although these may be tempting you should avoid them. Subway does feature the Baked Lays brand of chips which has around 110 calories a serving so they aren’t too bad.

Subway is a great option for those who want a healthy alternative to fast food as long as you use the Subway calorie counter wisely.

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