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How to Cover the Cost of LapBand Surgery

Has your doctor suggested you undergo LapBand surgery? If so, this is a suggestion you should give serious consideration to. When a doctor suggests LapBand surgery, he or she is usually doing so to protect your health and wellbeing. For those severely or morbidly obese, the LapBand system is not only a weight loss surgery, but a lifesaving procedure.

As previously stated, take your doctors suggestion to undergo LapBand surgery. However, after a close examination, you may feel as if LapBand is a procedure only for your dreams. This is mostly due to the costs. In the United States, the LapBand procedure costs between $15,000 and $20,000. Since you do not have this cash just lying around, you may wonder what your options are.

So, how can you cover the cost of LapBand surgery?

Insurance. Some health insurance companies will cover the cost of the LapBand procedure. You will, however, find many rules and restrictions. For example, if your doctor is only suggesting surgery, you may be denied coverage. On the other hand, if your doctor is stating that it is a lifesaving procedure due to morbid obesity, your insurance is more likely to cover the costs..

If your insurance provider will cover the cost of LapBand with specific criteria met, speak to your doctor. Information can be provided that will show that this weight loss surgery is the most cost effective approach for your care. For example, if you are 25 years old, the cost of diabetes supplies and checkups can easily exceed the onetime cost of LapBand, making it a wise choice for your insurance provider.

If you opt to pay for the LapBand procedure with cash, check, or debit card, you are considered a cash patient. This is opposed to a patient with medical insurance. Inquire about cash discounts. Many healthcare professionals have small, but helpful discounts available.

As previously stated, most Americans do not have $15,000 to $20,000 at their disposal. This means that you will need a way to come up with the cash if you do not have medical insurance or if coverage is denied. Do not stress, as it is easier than it sounds.

Save money. Saving money should be your first step in covering the cost of LapBand surgery. Even if you are on a budget, it is still possible to save money for surgery. Start by eliminating unnecessary purchases, such as your morning coffee at the local gas station or dining out. In fact, a great way to get started is to eliminate sweets from your diet or at least reduce them. Not only will you save money, but you will notice a natural weight loss.

It may take a year to two years for you to save enough money for the LapBand surgery, but saving money, as opposed to borrowing it, is the safest approach to take.

Borrow money from friends and family. If you have close friends or family members who are in the position to let you borrow money, ask. If they know your intention is to lose weight and lead a healthier life, most will be willing to help. Of course, be sure to discuss repayment. You will have more flexibility, but be sure to treat a loan from family and friends just like a bank loan.

Bank loan. Speaking of bank loans, you can request a personal loan. This is recommended as a last resort, but it is wiser than using a credit card. Remember, credit cards are ridden with fees, including late fees. You are likely to find a lower interest rate when acquiring a personal loan.

To acquire a personal loan, have good credit. Personal loans are unsecured, so your good credit will give your bank comfort. It is important to sell yourself. Make it known that your obesity is hindering your ability to stay healthy and work. By undergoing the LapBand surgery, not only will you lead and happier and healthier life, but you will be able to work without as many health disruptions. The ability to work signals a borrower who will make timely loan payments.


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5 Signs You May Need LapBand Surgery

The LapBand procedure is a weight loss surgery that has increased in popularity since is introduction to the United States in 2001. So, what is it that sets the LapBand apart from other bariatric procedures? It has to do with risk and convenience. With a lower complication and death rate and a shorter recovery period, the LapBand is the preferred choice of treatment for most individuals and healthcare professionals.

If you are overweight, you may be ready to jump on the LapBand bandwagon. As previously stated, the LapBand surgery does have a number of benefits, but it is not right for everyone. So, how do you know? Please continue reading on for five signs that the LapBand surgery is something you should closely examine. In the event the signs apply to you, schedule a consultation appointment with a LapBand surgeon to determine your eligibility.

1 If Your Doctor Suggests It

Those who suffer from obesity are likely to schedule more appointments with their primary care physician. Those suffering from obesity, deal with other health related complications, including asthma and diabetes. In most cases, primary care physicians recommend healthy eating and exercise. In extreme cases of obesity, the LapBand system may be mentioned.

If your primary care physician suggests the LapBand surgery, take this suggestion to heart. Your doctor has your best interests in mind.

2 If You Are Severely Obese

On average, those suffering from obesity have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more. This usually translates to 30 pounds overweight. Although obesity has many risks and complications, LapBand surgeons are selective. In most cases, simply just being obese isnt enough to warrant a LapBand procedure. Instead, most physicians recommend patients have a Body Mass Index (BMI) rating of 40 or more. This translates into severe and morbid obesity.

If you are 100 pounds overweight or more, LapBand surgery may not only help you lose weight, but it may save your life.

3 If You Are Unable to Lose Weight

In most cases, the LapBand surgery is used as a last resort. It is considered a relatively safe procedure, but there are always risks involved. That is why most professionals opt for natural weight loss methods. Before giving the okay for LapBand, most surgeons want to see proof that their patients have tried to lose weight with diet and exercise. If not, most will try natural approaches before opting for surgery.

If you have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight with diet and exercise multiple times, weight loss surgery may be your only option.

4 If Your Health is at Risk

Health will play a huge role in ones ability to undergo LapBand surgery. For many, it is a double sword. LapBand surgery and weight loss can lessen the symptoms of asthma, diabetes, and other obesity related conditions. In fact, symptoms may completely disappear. On that same note, those who are obese due to a medical condition, such as a thyroid problem or pregnancy, are not ideal candidates. In these instances, a reduced stomach size may not cure a weight problem.

If you suffer from obesity related health problems, consider surgery. Not only will you lose weight, but your overall health and wellbeing will improve. You may feel as if you got a new lease on life with the LapBand surgery.

5 If You Cannot Complete Daily Activities

Despite being obese, some men and women are able to lead normal and happy lives. This is often the case with slight obesity. On the other hand, there are those who cannot do daily activities or needed tasks. Those who find it impossible to play with their children, walk up a flight of stairs, or leave the house, are at a serious and dangerous stage. This is the point where LapBand surgery and other extreme methods of weight loss should be examined.

If your obesity restricts your ability to go about your day, now is the time to consider the LapBand system.


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When to Discuss LapBand with a Loved One

When turning to the internet to research the LapBand surgery, many individuals are doing the research for themselves. Unfortunately, not all obese individuals want to seek weight loss help. In fact, many mistakenly believe they have reached the point of no return. If you are related to one of those individuals, you may be in an impossible situation. You want to respect the wishes of your loved one, but you want them to lead a happy and healthy life. So, when should you discuss LapBand with a loved one?

If obesity is an issue. Luckily for you, obesity is easy to determine. Unlike drug or alcohol abuse, it is not easy to hide. Remember, there is a difference between obesity and overweight. On average, those who are 30 pounds overweight are considered obese. In terms of LapBand surgery, surgeons recommend patients have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or higher.

If it is difficult to complete daily tasks. If you are close to the relative in question, you should be able to see them go about their day. Do you notice any difficulties completing daily tasks? For example, does your mother have a hard time walking from the house to the car? Does she lose her breath or wheeze? If so, it may be time to discuss LapBand surgery.

If work is not possible. Severe to morbid obesity does more than just affect ones ability to walk to and from a vehicle, but it hinders their ability to work. Those who suffer from obesity tend to miss more work due to health related complications. Some even find themselves laid off or terminated. This is due to the inability to complete job related duties. If your loved one is unable to work, whether or not it is due to choice, the LapBand system should be discussed.

If experiencing health related complications. As previously stated, complications are common with those suffering from severe to morbid forms of obesity. Two common examples are asthma and diabetes. Not only do these lead to other risks, but they are costly to treat. Did you know that most LapBand patients see their diabetes symptoms completely disappear? Many do.

If you notice unusually changes. Those who suffer from extreme to morbid obesity undergo many changes. Many are in denial about their condition. Others have accepted their fate, which may include an early death. It is seems as if your loved one is preparing for an early death or other obesity related health complications before they occur, seek help immediately. Now is the time to seriously discuss the LapBand system.

If you are approached by other family members. This sign is important if you are a long distance relative. When not involved in the day-to-day life of a close family member, you may be unable to spot the warning signs. For that reason, listen to all suggestions and concerns that come from close friends and family members of your loved one back home. If they are concerned enough to voice their concerns, there likely is a true problem.

If any of the above mentioned signs apply to a loved one you know, consider discussing the LapBand surgery. When doing so, acquire informational brochures from a medical professional. Be sure to introduce surgery as an option in a calm and respectful manner.


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What You Need to Know About the LapBand

Have you heard that the LapBand system is one of the most successful ways to lose weight? For those severely to morbidly obese, it is. With that said, before you get your heart set on undergoing the procedure, here is what you need to know.

The LapBand system is not like traditional gastric bypass surgery. No cutting or stapling of the stomach pouch is required. Instead, an adjustable gastric band is positioned. Why should this be important to you? It significantly reduces the risk of complications, death, and shortens the recovery time. This is when compared to traditional gastric bypass surgery.

The LapBand system is not right for everyone. Patients suffering from obesity are advised against getting their hopes up. Instead of deciding on LapBand surgery, opt for research first. Make sure you are eligible for the procedure. So, what makes you eligible? LapBand surgeons have their own eligibility requirements, but most opt for those between the ages of 18 and 60, those who are 100 pounds overweight, and those who have the ability to curb diet as needed.

In terms of diet restrictions, a lot is expected from LapBand patients. That is why surgery is not recommended for all. If you have been unable to curb your eating habits in the past, practice before seeking LapBand surgery. An all-liquid diet is needed in one to two weeks following surgery. This is difficult for many, but an important requirement. An improper diet can lead to dangerous complications, including acid reflux, regurgitation, band slippage, pain, discomfort, nausea, and vomiting.

The LapBand surgery is expensive. It is sad that a procedure that can save so many lives is out of reach for most, in terms of finances. On average, the LapBand surgery costs between $15,000 and $20,000. This is a significant cost, but well worth it for many. If you are covered by medical insurance, consult with your provider first. Some providers do extend coverage for the LapBand system. If not, opt for a personal loan, credit card payment, or inquire about monthly payment plans.

In keeping with costs, it is important to focus on foreign surgeries. Yes, the LapBand surgery is cheaper in foreign countries, such as Mexico. On average, the costs are $5,000 or more less. With that said, dont start making your travel plans right away. Speaking of those travel plans, consider the cost. They can increase the cost of LapBand surgery, making it not such a good deal after all.

Many surgeons in the United States are qualified to perform the LapBand procedure. On average, patients do not need to travel far. This not only reduces travel costs, but makes recovery easier, as you are in familiar surroundings. Since you do have options, price compare if costs are a concern. Of course, remember you want a quality, Board Certified Surgeon performing your procedure. That is another benefit of staying in the United States, as medical professionals must adhere to strict laws.

LapBand adjustments are common. When many patients hear their surgeon wants or needs to adjust their band, fear automatically sets in. This should not a concern. Adjustments are common. In fact, most patients need to have their band adjusted once or twice. Luckily, adjustments can be made to the LapBand system without surgery.

The LapBand procedure is not permanent. Unlike other forms of gastric bypass surgery, the LapBand system is not a permanent procedure. In addition to adjustments, removal is easy as well. Whether a patient wants to continue weight loss years after surgery naturally or if complications arise, safe removal is possible. After removal of the LapBand, the stomach will return to normal.


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