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CO-Q10 for a Healthy Heart

CO-Q10 for a Healthy Heart
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Coenzyme Q10 (also known as Co-Q10, Vitamin Q or ubiquinone) is
a compound that is made naturally in the body. It is also found
in all living organisms and most foods contain traces of it as
well. The highest amounts are found in the heart, liver,
kidneys, and pancreas, with the lowest amounts found in the
lungs. It is needed for the proper functioning of enzymes (thus
the reason for the name “coenzyme”) that are necessary for
chemical reactions throughout the body. Coenzymes are a sort of
energy sparking catalyst for the cells of the body.

Our bodies could not survive without energy producing Co-Q10.
It’s a necessary nutrient needed for the proper functioning of
every cell. Without it we would not have enough cellular energy
to fuel the physiological reactions we need to survive. As a
powerful antioxidant, it also protects the body from free
radical damage that can damage important parts of the cell.
Several small studies have even shown a benefit for some
cancers, possibly because of its immune enhancing effects.

The heart requires the most Co-Q10, calling for a constant
supply of energy to pump blood throughout the body. Numerous
studies have shown that Co-Q10 can support the cardiovascular
system when dealing with such issues as mitral valve prolapse,
hypertension, cardiomyopathy, irregular heartbeat, angina and
high blood pressure.

Since Coenzyme Q10 assists the body on a cellular level,
sufficient stores of this nutrient are needed to fight off
illnesses such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and Parkinson’s
disease. Having enough Co-Q10 ensures that you can retain proper
muscle function and overall stamina.

This important nutrient is easily depleted by stress, age,
illness, exercise, and some drugs. Along with blocking the liver
mechanism that manufactures cholesterol, cholesterol-lowering
drugs, like Lipitor, Zocor and Pravachol (also known as statins)
block the production of Coenzyme Q10. Other drugs such as
antidepressants and beta blockers also deplete this important

Co-Q10 is essential for the functioning of every cell in our
bodies. Again, without it we could not survive. When it drops,
so does our cardiovascular health, our immunity and general
health. When Co-Q10 levels are boosted, so is our immune systems
response. Therefore, taking a look at Co-Q10, may assist you in
reversing cardiovascular disease, symptoms of fatigue or
generally in enhancing the immune system and fending off

Coenzyme Q10 is a boost to overall health. An aid for…TRUE

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