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For A Healthy Living: Just Enjoy A Variety Of

For A Healthy Living: Just Enjoy A Variety Of Vegetables
Rene Graeber

Eating healthy is important for everyone – and I bet: you know
that already…

Plus: one of the most important keys to eating a better diet is
eating more fruits and vegetables. I bet again: you knew that
too. But:

Many people are unsure how to use vegetables more effectively as
part of their diet, but it may be easier than you think to
provide yourself and your family with healthy, nutritious meals
at a great prices!

One way to create wonderful meals that are healthier than ever
is to take a stroll through the produce section of your local
grocery store.

Most major grocery store chains have huge produce sections,
containing a wonderful variety of fruits and vegetables from all
corners of the world.

Trying a variety of different fruits and vegetables is a great
way to keep your meals interesting and exciting in addition to
nutritious. It is all too easy to become bored when trying to
follow a healthy diet, and boredom can lead people to abandon
their healthy habits.

Avoiding diet burnout is important to the long term survival of
even the most sensible eating plan.

So if you’ve never had vegetables like collard greens, asparagus
or kale before, why not give them a try. Not only can trying new
things allow you to make great new discoveries, but it can
increase your level of fitness as well. Leafy green vegetables
like spinach, broccoli and kale are rich sources of many
important vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients.

Another great way to increase the variety of vegetables you
enjoy is to combine fresh, frozen and canned vegetables. While
fresh vegetables are generally better and healthier, frozen and
canned vegetables can be great alternatives for when the fresh
varieties are out of season.

One of the best things about fresh fruits and vegetables is the
great variety of flavors, colors and textures available. Eating
a variety of different colored vegetables and fruits does much
more than provide much needed variety. It also provides a great
variety of nutrients.

For instance, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables tend to be
very high in beta carotene, while green leafy vegetables are
often great sources of calcium and other important nutrients. So
why not spice up your plain old green salad with a splash of
color in the form of yellow peppers or orange carrot slices?

Many people wrongly think that they can make up for a crappy
diet by using vitamin and mineral supplements. This mistaken
belief is apparently very widespread, since sales of these
supplements continue to break records.

When considering vitamin and mineral supplements, however, it is
important to remember that foods contain many different
minerals, trace elements and other micronutrients.

That means that for every nutrient that has been discovered and
synthesized, there may be ten, twenty or more of these
micronutrients that have yet to be fully understood. That is why
no vitamin supplement, no matter how complete, can truly replace
a healthy, balanced diet.

In addition, vitamin and mineral supplements are quite a bit
more expensive than a good selection of vegetables and fruits,
and not nearly as tasty.

When changing your diet and eating for a healthier lifestyle, it
is important to educate yourself about eating right, and go
choose the right fruits and vegetables for your tastes. After
all, the best diet is the one you can follow for the rest of
your life.

One of the best ways to start eating a healthy diet is to choose
the freshest fruits and vegetables. Not only do fresh fruits and
vegetables taste better, but they are less expensive and more
nutritious as well. Choosing a variety of in season fruits and
vegetables every week is a great way to enjoy healthy and varied

Of course your favorite fruits and vegetables will not always be
in season, so it will sometimes be necessary to supplement those
fresh fruits and vegetables with canned and frozen varieties.
When choosing canned fruits, try to avoid those packed in syrup;
choose canned fruits packed in fruit juice or water instead.
They will be healthier and contain less sugar.

Adding fresh fruit, such as apple slices, mandarin oranges,
nectarines and the like is a great way to make plain salads more
interesting and more delicious. Combining fruits and vegetables
is a great way to enhance your nutrition as well.

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