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Velle Oats helps Healthy Weight Maintenance

Velle Oats helps Healthy Weight Maintenance
Ram Kishore

The world today is facing an alarming health problem with
obesity. Overweight among people is result of bad dietary
habits, lack of exercise and a sedentary life-style. The main
cause though is poor diet. Keeping a low fat, high fibre diet is
one way of countering weight problems. Oats is an excellent
organic food that helps maintain a healthy weight and is
essential in a long-term health diet. More and more people are
becoming health conscious and turning to meatless, low
cholesterol foods, which has led to the recognition of oats a
natural food in the fight against obesity.

By consuming Oats and its ingredient Beta-glucan a person can
maintain a healthy weight.

*B-glucan present in Oats delays the stomach from emptying
contributing to a longer feeling of being full. *The high fibre
in Oats help you feel fuller longer but without providing any
calories. *The presence of B-glucan in the small intestine
slows down the nutrient absorption process leading to a longer
feeling of satiety. *Oats assists weight maintenance and
reduction by increasing the amount of fat discharged in the
faeces. *When consumed with other organic foods the effects of
Oats B-glucan are even stronger.

For more info please visit: Nutritious diet. The website
is in Russian language so people who know Russian can understand
the goodness of oats and its impact on health.

About the author:

My name is Ram Kishore & I have total exp. of 2 yrs. in article
writing realted to the halth & fitness field.

I prefer giving my thoughts to other people so that they can
enjoy the healthy & fit life.

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