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LapBand Surgery and the Importance of Research

The LapBand is a surgical procedure in the United States that has and is rapidly increasing in popularity. Unlike gastric bypass surgery, where stomach cutting and stapling is involved, an adjustable gastric band is used. This not only lowers the risk of complications, but it shortens the recovery process. What isnt to love about the LapBand?

Despite the fact that the LapBand system is a safe and effective way to lose weight, it is important to learn about the procedure. That is why research is recommended. Before asking about the procedure and before going under the knife, make sure you have no unanswered questions.

So, how can you research the LapBand surgery?

The easiest way to research the LapBand system is to turn to the internet. Online, you will find many medical websites, as well as the official website for the LapBand system. These websites are your best sources of information. To get started, perform a standard internet search.

When should you use the internet to research the LapBand surgery? As soon as it enters your mind as an option. For starters, not all individuals are candidates for surgery. If you are overweight, as opposed to obese, you may not find a surgeon who is willing to perform the procedure. In most instances, LapBand surgeons prefer patients who are 100 pounds overweight or those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) rating of 40 or higher. A few exceptions to this rule may be made, but it is rare.

Essentially, researching the common eligibility requirements used by most LapBand surgeons will enable you to determine right away your standing. Of course, you can still contact a surgeon for a consultation appointment, but you have a good idea of what to expect. By turning to the internet right away, you can later prevent disappointment when you are not deemed an ideal candidate for surgery.

As previously stated, the LapBand surgery is considered a safe and effective surgery. With that said, it is still a surgery. This means there will always be risks. You need to familiarize yourself with those risks. The most damaging being death. Research online will also show that your risk of complications during surgery can be significantly reduced by opting for a qualified, Board Certified Surgeon and by following all instructions provided.

The internet is a nice source of information when first considering the LapBand procedure. The best research approach is to meet with a LapBand surgeon. Schedule a consultation appointment. Here is where your eligibility will be determined. If you are a good candidate for the LapBand system, ask questions. To get started, ask about diet restrictions.

Diet restrictions are an important component of losing weight with the LapBand system. Not only that, it reduces the risk of complications during and after surgery. Before deciding on the LapBand, review these restrictions. For example, you are required to consume an all-liquid diet in the first two to three weeks. Can you do this? Know before going under the knife.

As a recap, the LapBand surgery has helped thousands of patients successfully lose weight and lead a healthier life. With that said, do not go into surgery without knowledge. The internet and schedule a complication with a Board Certified Surgeon to determine your eligibility, review the risks, and outline dietary restrictions you will be subjected to.


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Discover The Right Weight Loss Support

Something that can make the difference for you when youre trying to shed pounds is finding good weight loss support. This isnt always easy. Often the people closest to us are the least supportive; sometimes they can be downright discouraging. If losing weight is something youve tried to do many times in the past but never managed to succeed, or if you lost weight only to gain it back as so many of us have, then maybe theyve heard you say you were going to do it before. While its not fair that they wouldnt be supportive now, often thats the reason the people closest to us dont get excited about our new efforts.

If you feel the people closest to you might have that discouraging attitude, then consider not even mentioning your efforts to them. You wont get any weight loss support from them if they dont know, but if theyre not likely to be supportive anyway its better to keep it a secret than have to deal with someone discouraging.

Sometimes the people we love sabotage our efforts without meaning to. The husband will start bringing home candy bars when the wife announces her new diet, for instance. When people fear change or worry that a new, slimmer you might make you want them to lose weight or change something about themselves, this saboteur-like behavior can start just when you need weight loss support from them the most. Dont take this personallymost people dont even realize theyre doing it.

If you have friends or family who also need to lose weight but arent currently concerned about it (at least, they dont mention it to you) be careful how much you talk about your own efforts. At best, theyll be happy for you at first but then wonder why you keep bringing it up, at worst theyll feel like your success just points out their own failure in that area. Its one thing to need weight loss support from those we love, but we also have to take into account that everyones human and people will react differently to your efforts and your success.

If all this seems discouraging, take heart! There are two great ways to find weight loss support that pretty much guarantee you wont be unintentionally alienating any family or friends, and you also wont be giving them the opportunity to take the wind out of your sails by unintentionally (or intentionally) being hurtful and discouraging. Look in your local paper for weight loss groups that meet once a week for the purpose of supporting each other. Several that cost a certain amount per week like Weight Watchers exist, as well as meetings that only require a donation like OA or TOPS.

Another great way to meet people on the same journey is through online support groups. This also has the benefit of anonymity, and convenience. An Internet search will lead you to dozens of places where you can find great weight loss support online.

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How To Eat A Healthy Diet When You Don’t

How To Eat A Healthy Diet When You Don’t Want To
Jeannie Crabtree

How To Eat A Healthy Diet When You Don’t Want To
By Jeannie Crabtree

For some people it is really hard to give up the junk food and sweets and eat a better, more nutritious diet. So let’s use the example of eating the 5 to 9 fruits and vegetables we need daily.

There are ways to work with your mind so that it becomes much easier and more enjoyable to eat all those servings of vegetables we need each day.

Did you know that you think in pictures?

You are motivated by the things that you want to move away from that might cause emotions you dont want such as pain, grief, anger etc. Examples: Ill health, overweight, not being able to join your family due to sickness is certainly things you want to move away from.

You are also motivated by the things you want to move towards. Emotions that would go with this are feeling happy, satisfied, loved, forgiven, respected, etc.

Move away from or move towards. These two ways you are motivated are the key to help you get past your dislike of vegetables and fruit if that is the problem .

Decide which type you are. Which are you most motivated by? Do you put moving away foremost in your mind or moving toward?

Ready to Start? Grab some vegetables. Look at them, feel them taste them, Chew on them. Snap them, break them up and hear the crunchiness. Involve as many of your senses as you can.

While doing that, do one of two things:

If motivated by what you are moving away from:

Paint the picture of what you are leaving behind. Accentuate the problems. Make them look really big and bad in your picture. Show your self what the big bad picture would be like a year from now or 5 years from now if you continued eating your bad diet. Put a lot of feeling into this.

If motivated by what you are moving towards:

Paint a big bright picture of what you will look like and feel like when you have better health. Think about who you love, who loves you and what you want to do and could do when you have good health.

Maybe you are not sure where you fit in to this process. Then play both pictures for yourself. Really put some pictures in your head. Use plenty of color. Turn the sound up.

Now which did you feel more motivated to eat the vegetables you need?

Play this picture over and over again as you eat the right foods, especially your vegetables and this will help you stay on track for better food choices.

Jeannie Crabtree C.Ac. shares health answers that work, tips, nutrition suggestions and research in her newsletter and health blog.

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Weight Loss For Men- More Lean Muscle Mass

Many women think that weight loss for men is easier than it is for women. And maybe that is true, men do have more lean muscle mass on average then women. Lean muscle mass is the thing that can keep the metabolism burning hot which will help burn up those calories, but that is really only part of the picture.

You see, men have to deal with slowing metabolism as they age just like women do. In many cases it is caused by the same factors, loss of lean muscle mass. It doesn’t matter that they are male, weight loss for men will be just as challenging if they have less lean muscle mass.

The good news is that if you are really motivated, and you have the right information, there is a lot you can do to reverse this trend and stay in good shape throughout your life.

Here are some points to consider, they may just help a little:

1. Of course, the first thing you need to do before you start to workout, especially if you are over 40, is to go to your doctor and get a thorough physical. The last thing you want to have happen is to find you have some heart related issues after you start working out.

2. Get a plan, better yet, get a personal trainer. The more detailed you are in your workout routine, the more likely you will stick with it. Keeping a workout journal can be an excellent idea, especially when you are first starting.

And, as I said above, having a personal trainer teach you a good workout routine as well as the proper form to use during all the exercises will help you get the most out of each and every workout.

It may just keep you honest too. You will be less likely to slough off if your trainer is there ready to kick you in the butt.

3. Lose the notion of eating “3 squares a day”. That is not the best way to keep your body fueled throughout the day. Keeping your bodies furnace burning hot all day long is the best way to keep those unwanted love handles at bay. And the best way to keep that furnace burning hot all day long is to feed it.

Cut back on the carbs, get out of thinking that beef is a major food group and get in touch with the idea that fish is good for you.

Eat more fruits and vegetables and cut back on the beer and other alcohol. Hey, there has to be some sacrifices if you want to look great!

No matter what your age or current fitness level, weight loss for men can be accomplished and it doesn’t even have to be miserable. Just by making some simple changes to your daily routine you may be able to get back in much better shape. You can look better and feel better so it is worth the small sacrifices.

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