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LapBand versus Diet and Exercise

Are you severely obese? If so, you may be an ideal candidate for LapBand surgery. A consultation with a qualified surgeon is recommended. Before scheduling that appointment, take the time to compare your options. To get started, compare the LapBand surgery with diet and exercise. Which weight loss approach is best for you?

Unfortunately, the LapBand system is costly. In some instances, select insurance providers will cover all or a portion of the costs. If not, the surgery averages between $15,000 and $20,000 in the United States. Even if you do not have this money, it is still possible to pay for the LapBand surgery. Many patients opt for personal loads, credit card payments, payment plans, or the traditional method of saving first.

As for the cost of exercise, it can be free. Unfortunately, this is something that many do not realize. Yes, you can pay $25 or more a month for a gym membership, but it isnt required. In fact, you dont even need a treadmill. Those who are obese are urged to start with walking. You can do this outside or in a local shopping mall free of charge. After time, you can upgrade to more strenuous exercises. If you dont have the money for a treadmill or gym membership, invest $10 in a set of weights or an exercise video.

Unlike dieting, exercising isnt free, but it can be affordable. Your two most expensive options are organic foods and diet foods. Instead, just watch your eating. By opting for a small cup of grapes, as opposed to two Little Debbie cake snacks, you will lose weight by reducing calorie intake.

In terms of results, LapBand produces the quickest results. After undergoing surgery, weight loss will happen over time. With that said, patients tend to experience a significant weight loss in the first month. This is due to the all-liquid diet. Weight gain is common when solid foods are reintroduced, but long-term weight loss is still possible with healthy food choices.

Diet and exercise work, but the weight loss will take longer. The initial weight loss with diet and exercise is water. If you have never exercised before, you will start to notice a change in as little as week. You may be surprised what a daily walk can do for your health and weight. By cutting foods that are high in fats and calories, weight loss will occur. Remember, you will lose weight, but the process will take longer, when compared to the LapBand.

The LapBand has increased in popularity in the United States. It was first approved for use in 2001. Due to its success rate and low risk of complications, it is one of the fastest growing procedures. Although there is a lower risk of complications, when compared to other weight loss surgeries, there is always risk involved. These risks can include complications, such as band slippage, stomach erosion, regurgitation, and death. In most cases, if you are at a high risk for complication, medical professionals advise against the LapBand.

In terms of safety and complications, diet and exercise are more natural weight loss methods. As for diet, as long as you consume healthy foods that you are not allergic to, no complications or side effects will be experienced. In term of exercise, those suffering from severe forms of obesity should develop an exercise plan with a medical professional, such as a primary care physician or trainer. This should reduce the risk of exercise related injuries.

The LapBand system isnt right for everyone. Most doctors have strict criteria that must be met before surgery is decided on. For example, most surgeons operate on those between the ages of 18 and 60, those with a Body Mass Index (BMI) rating of 40 or more, and those with a clear understanding of the necessary diet restrictions. For that reasons, not everyone is an ideal candidate. This means that just because you want to undergo the LapBand surgery, it does not mean that you can.


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