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When to Discuss LapBand with a Loved One

When turning to the internet to research the LapBand surgery, many individuals are doing the research for themselves. Unfortunately, not all obese individuals want to seek weight loss help. In fact, many mistakenly believe they have reached the point of no return. If you are related to one of those individuals, you may be in an impossible situation. You want to respect the wishes of your loved one, but you want them to lead a happy and healthy life. So, when should you discuss LapBand with a loved one?

If obesity is an issue. Luckily for you, obesity is easy to determine. Unlike drug or alcohol abuse, it is not easy to hide. Remember, there is a difference between obesity and overweight. On average, those who are 30 pounds overweight are considered obese. In terms of LapBand surgery, surgeons recommend patients have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or higher.

If it is difficult to complete daily tasks. If you are close to the relative in question, you should be able to see them go about their day. Do you notice any difficulties completing daily tasks? For example, does your mother have a hard time walking from the house to the car? Does she lose her breath or wheeze? If so, it may be time to discuss LapBand surgery.

If work is not possible. Severe to morbid obesity does more than just affect ones ability to walk to and from a vehicle, but it hinders their ability to work. Those who suffer from obesity tend to miss more work due to health related complications. Some even find themselves laid off or terminated. This is due to the inability to complete job related duties. If your loved one is unable to work, whether or not it is due to choice, the LapBand system should be discussed.

If experiencing health related complications. As previously stated, complications are common with those suffering from severe to morbid forms of obesity. Two common examples are asthma and diabetes. Not only do these lead to other risks, but they are costly to treat. Did you know that most LapBand patients see their diabetes symptoms completely disappear? Many do.

If you notice unusually changes. Those who suffer from extreme to morbid obesity undergo many changes. Many are in denial about their condition. Others have accepted their fate, which may include an early death. It is seems as if your loved one is preparing for an early death or other obesity related health complications before they occur, seek help immediately. Now is the time to seriously discuss the LapBand system.

If you are approached by other family members. This sign is important if you are a long distance relative. When not involved in the day-to-day life of a close family member, you may be unable to spot the warning signs. For that reason, listen to all suggestions and concerns that come from close friends and family members of your loved one back home. If they are concerned enough to voice their concerns, there likely is a true problem.

If any of the above mentioned signs apply to a loved one you know, consider discussing the LapBand surgery. When doing so, acquire informational brochures from a medical professional. Be sure to introduce surgery as an option in a calm and respectful manner.


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