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I know you have been told this a million times but if you want to lose belly fat you must lose weight all over. You cannot just spot reduce. There are quite a few core body exercises that you can do to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles but you just can’t do one without losing weight all over. Losing weight is a package deal.

The bigger the package the longer your journey will take so the sooner you get started the better. Before you even start to worry about one specific area the best thing you can do is learn to strengthen your core.

Your core is just that, the middle of your body, abs, ribcage, and lower back. These muscles are what hold you upright and help keep you balanced. When they get weak, you will find you lose your balance more often than not and may even start falling because of it.

Weakened muscles in your core can lead to instability in your lower back and cause you to have pain, or worse yet, a herniated disc. If you have ever had a herniated disc you know that it is extremely painful. They take forever to heal and will flare up at any time. Usually when you least expect it.

When you belly fat lose you will decrease the pressure on your joints and back and decrease the level of pain you feel. In fact, if you were to lose just 10% of your total body fat you could increase your mobility and decrease your pain by about 30%. Every ten percent body fat lost takes approximately 100 pounds of pressure off your lower back and legs. Save those knees and that lower back. Lose the weight.

Do yourself a favor too, while losing the weight, find a good chiropractor. They can adjust your spine and make everything start flowing (your chi) better while you are in transition from being fat to becoming fit and thin.

If the chiropractor you find is also a slash physical therapist, you can even have them show you exercises to begin your work outs with and progress into more intense strengthening exercises.

Do you have kids? Can you get outside to play with them? If you can, then do. It will be good for them and good for you. If you play with your kids it will not seem like a work out but you will be surprised how children’s games can be an excellent source of exercise for all concerned.

Run, jump rope, play tag, hide and seek, any of those games we all used to play with our brothers and sisters and all the neighbor kids out in the front yard when we were young. Some friends of mine and I were just talking about those games we used to play and I had to do a search to relearn how to play Ghost in the Graveyard.

Who says you have to stop playing just because you get older? Find that inner child again and let them help you belly fat lose.

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