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Belly Fat Lose Weight A Package All Over Deal

I know you have been told this a million times but if you want to lose belly fat you must lose weight all over. You cannot just spot reduce. There are quite a few core body exercises that you can do to tone and strengthen your abdominal muscles but you just can’t do one without losing weight all over. Losing weight is a package deal.

The bigger the package the longer your journey will take so the sooner you get started the better. Before you even start to worry about one specific area the best thing you can do is learn to strengthen your core.

Your core is just that, the middle of your body, abs, ribcage, and lower back. These muscles are what hold you upright and help keep you balanced. When they get weak, you will find you lose your balance more often than not and may even start falling because of it.

Weakened muscles in your core can lead to instability in your lower back and cause you to have pain, or worse yet, a herniated disc. If you have ever had a herniated disc you know that it is extremely painful. They take forever to heal and will flare up at any time. Usually when you least expect it.

When you belly fat lose you will decrease the pressure on your joints and back and decrease the level of pain you feel. In fact, if you were to lose just 10% of your total body fat you could increase your mobility and decrease your pain by about 30%. Every ten percent body fat lost takes approximately 100 pounds of pressure off your lower back and legs. Save those knees and that lower back. Lose the weight.

Do yourself a favor too, while losing the weight, find a good chiropractor. They can adjust your spine and make everything start flowing (your chi) better while you are in transition from being fat to becoming fit and thin.

If the chiropractor you find is also a slash physical therapist, you can even have them show you exercises to begin your work outs with and progress into more intense strengthening exercises.

Do you have kids? Can you get outside to play with them? If you can, then do. It will be good for them and good for you. If you play with your kids it will not seem like a work out but you will be surprised how children’s games can be an excellent source of exercise for all concerned.

Run, jump rope, play tag, hide and seek, any of those games we all used to play with our brothers and sisters and all the neighbor kids out in the front yard when we were young. Some friends of mine and I were just talking about those games we used to play and I had to do a search to relearn how to play Ghost in the Graveyard.

Who says you have to stop playing just because you get older? Find that inner child again and let them help you belly fat lose.

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Lose Belly Fat With Stability Ball Exercises

Exercising with a stability ball is a great way to lose belly fat. A stability ball will cost about $30 and you can get them from most sporting stores. A stability ball may be just what you need to get that flat stomach you have dreamed of. Working out with a stability ball will give you twice the muscle fibers in your stomach than if you work out doing regular crunches without a ball. This has been researched at Sacramento State University in California.

Here are three great lose belly fat exercises for beginners to get you started.

1. Sit on the stability ball and put your hands on the ball for balance. You can also place your hands behind your head which is a better strength exercise but is a little more difficult. Begin to roll your hips slowly in a circle toward the right. Start off making small circles and as you become more comfortable and confident with the exercise you can make larger circles. Do 10 to 20 circles and then repeat the exercise making circles to the left. This exercise works the muscles of the stomach making it a great exercise to help lose belly fat.

2. This exercise is called the Seated March. Sit on the ball with your back straight and your stomach pulled in. Lift first your right foot and then the left foot in a slow march. As you become more comfortable with this exercise try lifting your knees higher and march faster. When you become really confident with the exercise you can add a bounce on the ball in time with your marching. Continue with the seated march exercise for around 2 minutes.

3. This last exercise is called the Seated Balance. Once again sit on the ball with your back straight and your tummy pulled in. If you are a beginner then place your hands on the ball for balance, if you are confident enough you can put your hands behind your head. Lift your right foot off the floor and hold it in the air for about 5 seconds. Lower your foot and then lift the left foot and hold it in the air for 5 seconds. Repeat these moves 5 to 10 times while making sure that you continue to have your back straight and your tummy pulled in.

These three exercises have you sitting on the stability ball. These are great exercises if you are a beginner to using the stability ball but as you gain confidence you can introduce more exercises, some of which will have you starting from the floor, your knees or even lying on top of the ball.

Stability balls usually come with a manual that will include a number of different exercises with illustrations so you can see exactly how to do them and what benefit you will gain from them.

There are different size balls available and you should choose the size based on your height. If you are less than 5’1 then you should get an 18 inch ball. If you are between 5’1 and 5’8 you should get a 22 inch ball. If you are over 5’8 then you will need a 26 inch ball.

Stability balls really are a great way to lose belly fat and you will soon feel good with your new flat tummy.

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What Are The Best Belly Fat Exercises

You may ask, what the best belly fat exercises are. To be honest, there are hundreds of exercises you can do to get rid of that belly that just doesn’t seem to want to go away. The great thing is they all work, you just have to find what works best for you. I know that may not seem like a big deal, however it may be one of the most important factors in this whole process.

The reason being is that you want to make sure that you can go the distance with the particular program. In the past many people have chosen a program, getting burned out and it causes them to fall short of their goal.

OK, now that we have that out of the way let’s take a look at some of the best exercises that could help you get rid of that bulge that’s so aggravating to get rid of. Jogging, jogging, jogging, this helps you burn calories and it also keeps your metabolic rate up even when you’re not doing anything.

Some people can’t take the rigors of jogging; it may be too hard on some their joints such as their hips, knees, and even their back. So the other option would be walking. The great thing about walking is that it doesn’t have to be speed walking or even miles at a time; simply a brisk walk for 10 to 15 minutes a day will work.

Another great exercise is yoga; this exercise can not only get you slim and trim. Yoga can also help you stay in the right frame of mind to get the job done. Yoga may take some time to get use to; however it’s an excellent way of getting you where you want to be.

The next exercise I would recommend would be crunches or sit ups. The great thing about sit ups or crunches is that there is a variety of ways you can do these. There are different angels you can use while doing your crunches or sit ups. This way it reaches all the different abdominal muscles that you have.

There you have it. These are just a few of the best belly fat exercises which you could do to reach your goal of having a flat tummy. Put these few exercises, or even one of them into practice, and you will be sure to get where you want to be.

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Ultimate Exercises For Your Weight Loss

So you’re out to lose weight. You want to lose it fast, so you diet, and you diet some more. Well, diet isn’t enough. The only way to lose the weight fast is to add exercise to your diet regimen. Cardiovascular workouts trim the fat and strengthen the heart. Here are some ultimate exercises that will get you started easily.

Cardiovascular workouts you can try at home without a gym:

Bicycling: It’s that simple. Just hop on a bike and head out around town. Start with a mostly flat ride to get acclimated to the exercise, and as you get better at it, work your way up to more hilly terrain. If you don’t have a bicycle or don’t have a good place to ride, you can simulate a good ride on a stationary bike. Just don’t forget to adjust the tension on the wheel so you actually get a good workout.
Walking, Power Walking, or Running: Running? Me? Well, maybe not right away. Do these ultimate exercises in order of increasing impact; the purpose is to ease yourself into them. If you have a lot of extra weight, start by walking. If you are used to never exercising and you just start running one day, you can injure your knees, shins, feet, and even your back. Take it easy, and one day you’ll be able to run like all those people you see at the park: yeah, you know the type.
Playing with your kids or a family pet: So many people overlook the healthy benefits of good old fashion playtime that it almost never would occur to us to reap those benefits. Kids love active games. Tag, hide-and-seek, or any game with a ball can be made into a fun way to get exercise as well as get kids started exercising as well.

Cardio training is an exceptionally effective way to trim the fat from your physique. Just remember to ease yourself into it by starting small and adding higher impact exercises as your body acclimates itself to the increased activity. Cardio exercises only work if your heart rate is elevated for an extended period of time, so keep an eye on your heart rate. Don’t forget about safety, either.

If you start feeling lightheaded or shaky, stop immediately and take a rest. See a doctor before you start any exercise program. Just remember that exercise can and should be fun as well as effective. Work hard at it, be patient, and dont give up. You CAN achieve your goal with these simple ultimate exercises.

This article is for informational purposes only. It is not medical advice and should not be used or intereperted as such. You should always consult a medical professional before making drastic changes to your diet and physical exercise.

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