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Want Healthy glowing skin?

Want Healthy glowing skin?

Are you struggling with skin problems like acne, , psoriasis etc.? Various factors such as toxins, vitamin, mineral, , long-term exposure to , dehydration etc. might be the cause of your skins unhealthy state. Would you like to have beautiful glowing skin again? Luckily there are several options that can help you restore your skins .

Stay hydrated- drink 8-12 glasses of water a day.

Avoid direct sun light- by wearing , staying on the shade and applying sunscreen daily.

Avoid or limit your toxins intake this includes alcohol, coffee, spicy food, drugs, limit etc.

Get rid off ; exfoliate regularly at least once a week.

Maintain a cleansing routine- remove makeup daily (do not wash more than two times a day), and get a facial every 7-10 days.

Exercise regularly, to reduce stress and brings more oxygen to your skin resulting in firmer and nourished skin.

Maintain a healthy diet, eat foods rich in , vitamin C, vitamin A, and this include fruits, vegetables, fish, liver. Take supplements if necessary.

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